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To fight Corona, this company will spend 1 crore rupees on its employees and dealers, also giving 5 times the benefit of insurance

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Online automobile marketplace Droom has announced a budget of 1 crore rupees on behalf of the community of employees and dealers to counter COVID.

Online car and Bike service company

Droom, a service provider of buying old cars and bikes online, has made a big announcement for its employees in the Corona era. Being a responsible company, India’s largest and leading A-eye-operated online automobile marketplace Drum announced a budget of Rs 1 crore to counter COVID on behalf of its employees and community of dealers under the Drum Cares banner. is.

Drum Cares is an initiative of the company in which it takes steps for the benefit of its employees, the entire dealer community and other stakeholders. This initiative is a resolve of the company to stand with all stakeholders and support them in this hopeless situation.
Employees will get these facilities

As a part of this initiative Drum will ensure proper sanitation to protect healthcare facilities, police stations, clinics, pharmacies as well as homes of health workers in Delhi NCR from viruses. The company will use Germ Shield, an anti-microbial coating developed by it and certified by NLAB, FICCI and Grant Thornton.

They also have benefits including oxygen supply

Along with this, for the betterment of the society, Drum has also established a COVID SWAT to verify all facts about oxygen supply, hospital beds, ICU availability, oximeters, food suppliers, plasma donors and life-saving drugs associated with COVID-19. (COVID-SWAT) team. This initiative enables the employees of Drum to help anyone.

20,500 dealers will help

In order to extend a helping hand to the worst affected small and medium enterprises, Drum assisted its 20,500+ dealers with pharmaceutical, covid vaccination, medical support and basic medical facilities to isolate and isolate wards for infected dealers. Started giving programs.

All basic facilities in office too

Drum has started several programs for drummers by converting their Sector 15 office into an emergency response center with telemedicine services, nurses and all basic healthcare facilities. In addition, Drum has increased medical insurance coverage 5-fold this year, providing medical coverage group insurance for parents, and for drummers, taking a step forward to ensure the safety of doomers and their families. Telemedicine counseling has also been started for free mental and physical health. Under a unique program, Drum-Buddy, Drum will hand over the responsibility of basic help to the employees recovering from COVID-19 to another employee who needs sick employees.

The company will help every battle in the war with Corona

Speaking on this initiative, Drum founder Sandeep Aggarwal said, “The second wave of epidemic has created an unprecedented crisis for the country. We want to show our commitment to society by trying to help people in this difficult time. To overcome this situation, Drum has activated its Drum Cares initiative for all its stakeholders. This will provide immediate relief to deal with the current situation. We have created a Covid SWAT room for quick assistance and have converted one of our office facilities to an emergency ward in times of need and are providing basic medical facilities and teleconfiguration from the doctor to our employees. . He added, “Not only this, but we have also created a special insurance scheme for all our employees and dealers for hassle-free treatment in this stressful time. The insurance scheme will provide 5 times more cover to our employees and their parents and other families will also be brought under its purview. Our effort is to stand firmly with our stakeholder in more stressful times and we are confident that we will achieve victory on this status soon ”.

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