This year will not be the biggest exercise of Indian Air Force ‘Iron Fist’, know what is the reason

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The main motive behind conducting ‘Iron Fist’, an important exercise of the Indian Air Force, is to assure the country that the Air Force is ready to protect the country at any time when needed.

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This year, due to increased tension with China in Ladakh, ‘Iron Fist’, an important exercise in the operations of the Indian Air Force, will not be organized. This biggest exercise of the Air Force is organized every three years to showcase the strength of India in the sky and this year too this event was to be held in Pokhran, Rajasthan this month, but this year’s training program (Training Schedule).

This decision has been taken to save the flying hours and protect the aircraft due to the continuous deployment of the Indian Air Force in East Ladakh. Iron fist is an important exercise to show the might of the Indian Air Force, which shows us how capable our air force is at present or how much its strength has increased. But this year this exercise is not being conducted because for the Indian Air Force this year has been very busy in Ladakh, where air force personnel and aircraft were on alert for many months.

The first edition of Iron Fist was done in the year 2013.

This program is organized by the Indian Air Force every three years, in which the Air Force demonstrates its firepower in front of the world. In this, Fighter Aircraft rehearses the war. The first edition of Iron Fist was held in the year 2013. It was organized in the third year 2016 after ‘Iron Fist’ held in February 2013. The day-night maneuvers were attended by 103 of the 181 fighter jets of the Air Force, along with more than 30 weapon systems (Weapon systems) Ability was tried.

‘Indian Air Force ready to protect the country at any time’

Air Force maneuvers (Exercise) Through all types of weapon systems available with them. According to officials, the main motive behind conducting this exercise is to assure the country that the Air Force is ready to protect the country at any time when needed. It was not even organized in the year 2019 as the Air Force did a Gagan shakti exercise in 2018 to try its strength with two wars with China and Pakistan.

New Rafale fighter jet also deployed in Ladakh sector

At present, the Indian Air Force is anticipating its capability to carry out its all-day, all-weather operations in the Ladakh sector, including front-line fighter jets, attack helicopters and multi-mission helicopters. The Air Force launched its new Rafale fighter jet (to strengthen its military force in the Ladakh sector)Rafale Fighter Jet) Has also been posted. With this, the Air Force has deployed MiG-29 fighter jets, Sukhoi-30, Apache AH-64E Attack Helicopter and CH-47F (I) Chinook Multi Mission Helicopter in Ladakh.

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Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni
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