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This is how you can make 1 crore rupees in 15 years, know- where, how much and how much investment will have to be made

Mutual Funds Investment: It is always advisable to do SIP at the beginning of your career. But, if someone has not done SIP at that time then it does not mean that his goal cannot be met.

How right is it to invest in mutual funds?

Money Making Idea: Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire (Crorepati)? But becoming a millionaire is not so easy. With patience and patience, saving and investment are important. It is important that the investment is made in the right place. Experts say that if some systematic investments are made in a systematic way, then it is not very difficult to achieve this goal.

Now the question comes, how to start? The most basic thing is to invest right at the right time. One has to be a little patient to become a millionaire. Although do not have to wait too long, you can only invest for 15 years. Usually, most tax and investment advisors keep asking such questions as how to become rich. However, the answer for investors is the same – ‘Mutual Fund is right’.

Will SIP be the best?

According to experts, Mutual Fund Calculator is very important for you. Because, it tells you that at what age you can invest your money (Money Making Idea), your target can be fulfilled. However, you may have to deposit more money at an older age. SIP is a better instrument for this. If you start with a large amount in SIP, then at the time of maturity you will have a large fund ready.

Target will be met with long-term investment

To prepare a fund of 1 crore, it will be necessary to invest in the long term. Experts believe that investing in mutual funds is the best way to invest for a long period i.e. above 10 years. In such a mutual fund SIP, investors can get up to 12 per cent returns.

It is always advisable to do SIP at the beginning of your career. But, if someone has not done SIP at that time then it does not mean that his goal cannot be met. SIP can be started even 10-15 years before retirement. However, the investment amount should be large at that time.

Fund will be ready in 15 years

Suppose that if you have set a target of creating a fund of 1 crore in 15 years and expect a return of 12 percent on it. In such a situation, according to the Mutual Fund Calculator, you will have to invest 20,017 rupees in SIP every month. In this way, in 15 years you will invest Rs 36,03,060 and you will have a fund of one crore rupees ready with the returns. As you aimed
(Money 9)

(Disclaimer: Investment in mutual funds is a subject of market risk. For this, it is better to make a decision or take advice from an expert.)

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