This company will give an amount equal to the salary of 5 years to the relatives of the employee who lost his life from Corona, this scheme will also be benefited.

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Mankind Pharma has started a COVID Protection Policy for its employees.

Mankind pharma

Companies have come forward to help their employees and their families amid the second wave of Coronavirus Pandemic. After Tata, Mahindra, Bajaj, Mankind Pharma has now started a COVID Protection Policy for its employees. Under this policy, if one of its employees dies due to corona, then the company will pay money equivalent to 5 years salary to their family members. This amount can be up to a maximum of 50 lakh rupees. Along with this, the company will cover the dependent of its employee for 3 years under Group Medical Medical Policy.

Apart from this, the company also said that its employees would be covered under the Employee Deposit Link Insurance (EDLI) scheme. An amount of Rs 7 lakh will be paid to the legal nominee on the death of the employee from Corona.

14 thousand people employed in the company

Delhi-based Mankind Pharma employs about 14,000 people. These employees are employed in different segments of the company such as cardiovascular, antibiotics, gastrointestinal. It markets various brands in the pharma and other counter segments.

RC Juneja, executive chairman of Mankind Pharma, said, “We hope that helping in this way will help the bereaved family members of the deceased employee to recover from the financial burden.” He said, the company is committed to its employees and considers them their assets and intends to take care of them in every possible way.

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Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni
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