These schemes of NPS gave more than 20% return in 6 months, know how you can earn profits

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NPS is an important scheme of the government. Good profits can be earned by investing in any of the schemes present in it. In this you can invest in Tier 1 or 2.

Benefits of investing in NPS

For a secure future, investing in the right scheme from now on is considered better. With this, there is no problem of money after retirement. If you are also thinking of investing in such a scheme, which gives guaranteed returns, then the National Pension System (NPS) scheme run by the government is a better option. It has given a return of 21.78 per cent in the last six months.

There are also many such schemes in NPS in which investment can give better returns. These include major schemes like LIC Pension Fund, UTI Retirement Solution Fund, ICICI Pension Fund, Kotak Pension Fund and HDFC Pension Fund. According to the data available on the website of NPS Trust, these NPS schemes have given more than 20 per cent returns in the last six months.

LIC Pension Fund

As per the return chart of NPS schemes, LIC Pension Fund Tier-I has given 23.03 per cent return as on 31st May 2021, while it has given a strong return of 22.82 per cent in the last six months in scheme E-Tier-II.

HDFC Pension Fund

In the last six months, HDFC Pension Fund Scheme has given 21.35 per cent in Tier-I and 21.23 per cent in Tier-II. According to the report of Value Research, it has been only a few steps behind LIC Pension Fund.

UTI Retirement Solutions Fund

Under the NPS scheme, the UTI Retirement Solution Fund scheme has given 21.97 per cent in Tier-I and 23.07 per cent in Tier-II.

ICICI Pension Fund

In the last six months till May 2021, ICICI Pension Fund has given a strong return of 21.44 per cent in Scheme E Tier-I, while it has given a return of 21.34 per cent in Tier-II.

SBI Pension Fund

This scheme has given 19.78 percent in Tier-I and 21.75 percent in Tier-II in the past.

How to invest in NPS

National Pension System (NPS) is an important scheme of the government. It helps people to save for retirement. For investment, they get two options of making regular contributions in Tier-1 and Tier-2 accounts. The funds of NPS are managed by an independent portfolio manager. However, later investors can change it online.

On retirement in NPS Tier-1 account, you can take 60 percent of the entire capital in one lump sum tax free. The remaining 40 percent can take lifelong pension from the fund. Tier-2 is a kind of investment plan, so you can withdraw money anytime according to your need.

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Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni
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