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Monday, January 17, 2022

These 3 stocks have great earning opportunities, the fund of 4 lakh crores is investing heavily in them

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India’s second largest asset management company ICICI Prudential Asset Management Co. At this time some banks are betting on telecom companies.

The brokerage has expressed confidence in these stocks.

The stock market is currently trading at its all-time high. The new wave of Corona also seems to be weakening and the vaccination program is also accelerating. In such a situation, whether the investors of the stock market should invest now or not, and if they should, then in which sectors they should invest is a big question. In such a situation, this news for retail investors will help in preparing their strategy.

India’s second largest asset management company ICICI Prudential Asset Management Co. Currently, some banks, telecom companies and utilities are betting on stocks. According to a Bloomberg report, ICICI Prudential, which handles assets of about 4.1 lakh crore, is betting on some sectors like banking, telecom.

Excellent performance by ICICI Prudential Opportunities

The company’s Chief Investment Officer Shankar Naren said that India is not showing the full gamut of cyclical economic recovery. In such a situation, its effect will definitely be visible in the coming days when boom will be seen on sector basis. ICICI Prudential Opportunities Fund is managed by Shankar Naren himself and this fund has given a return of 36 per cent so far this year. It is top among its competitors.

Bets on Airtel, NTPC and Axis Bank

According to the data, Bharti Airtel, NTPC, Axis Bank are included in the top-5 holdings of this fund. Airtel’s net profit declined by 11 percent in the March quarter and stood at Rs 759 crore. CLSA has set a target price of Rs 730, UBS has a target price of Rs 655, Citibank has set a target price of Rs 685. Experts also say that after Corona, now the stock market of India has completely changed. Its total market cap has crossed $3 trillion and it is the eighth largest stock market in the world.

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