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The second wave of Corona is alarming, these figures are beating the cases of last year

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On March 25, breaking Corona’s case records reached 1885, which is the highest number of new patients found in a single day after October 14 last year.

The second wave of Corona is alarming, these figures are beating the cases of last year

The second wave of corona in the country is wreaking havoc. Corona virus is becoming stronger every day due to the booster dose of negligence from north to south and east to west. Last year, at the time of Holi, Corona entered the entry and this Holi is raising its head again. Markets are decorated, people have drowned in the festival, so the danger has increased. Of the new cases reported across the country in March, only 91 per cent of the new cases occurred in Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Haryana.

Only in these 10 states have been found, which have become the new destination of Corona, but the situation is worst in Maharashtra. Where the situation is becoming worse than 2020. New cases of Corona are also beating the previous year’s peak. Last year, Maharashtra had the highest number of 24886 cases on September 11, but on March 25, 35952 new cases have been reported. The second wave of corona in Maharashtra is wreaking havoc, but people are not hurting carelessly, neither is there any distortion of social distancing nor is it the negligence of masks on the faces, which has made the weakened corona strong again Got the strength to be.

Cases recorded twice as much as last year

This is a corona graph of last one week in Maharashtra. During this time more than 2 lakh 4 thousand cases were found and out of these about 1 lakh cases have been found in the last 3 days only. At this time, it is time to take a hard decision if there is no treatment. If the situation remains the same, then we will have to take a decision till April 2. Last year, when the Mumbai Corona’s Epicenter was formed, the maximum daily cases came on October 7 but March 25 Ko Corona once again broke that record, almost twice as many daily cases have been filed as compared to last year’s peak.

In such a situation, there is a need to be more and more careful, but Mumbaikars are showing an example of being negligent. Punjab remains the most worrying state in the country after Maharashtra. The situation here seems to be getting worse as it was last year. On March 25, 2661 new cases were found. On March 24, more than 26 hundred cases were found. Were.

According to the SBI Research Team, the second wave has started from February 15, so accordingly, by March 25, 39 days of this second wave have been completed and during this time more than 46 thousand 6 hundred new cases have been reported in Punjab. Only 8333 cases were received in the first 39 days. That means five and a half times more cases have been found. The situation is not good in Delhi, the capital of the country, because here too people are not lagging behind in negligence. The result is that Corona has set another record in Delhi. 1515 new cases came, which is the biggest figure of this year. For the last 11 days, the number of new cases has been increasing continuously in Delhi and has increased by almost a quarter and a half times.

This state is also not untouched by this

Despite this, it is not sitting in the minds of Delhiites that the Corona who created a furore last year, he himself is giving a booster dose of negligence to wreak havoc again. This virus of negligence is visible not only in Delhi-Mumbai but in every corner of the country. Madhya Pradesh is also not untouched by this.

For the past 18 days in Madhya Pradesh, the figures of new corona cases have been increasing continuously. On March 25, breaking Corona’s case records reached 1885, which is the highest number of new patients received on a single day after October 14 last year. City-cities are super spreaders and people look very careless on the occasion of the festival. These ground conditions are coming enough to explain why India has started to weaken in the war with Corona. So if the corona virus infection is to break the link, then first of all, this virus of carelessness has to be eradicated.

Many countries in Europe are going through the third wave

The second wave of Corona in India has started showing its impact, while many countries of Europe are going through the third wave at the moment. The number of people who have been coronated worldwide has crossed 12.62 million. Meanwhile, vaccination is also progressing rapidly and statistics have shown that countries which have vaccinated 20 percent or more of their population. New cases of corona have reduced.

Talking about Israel, 58 percent of the population has been vaccinated there. In February, more than 1 lakh 27 thousand cases had come here, but in March, it was reduced to around fifty and a half thousand. In UK, 43 percent people have been vaccinated and there have been less than 2 lakh 15 thousand cases in March as compared to February. America has given vaccine doses to 25 percent of its citizens and there have been more than 1 million cases in March as compared to February, but this is not only because of the vaccine, it is not that, but with the introduction of the vaccine, these People of countries followed masks and social distancing.

The pace of vaccination will have to be accelerated

The second thing is that in the other countries, the population is not as much as India. In our population of 130 crores, only about 4 percent of the population can be vaccinated. In the last 24 hours, 23 lakh people have been vaccinated. This figure is big, but not enough. Experts believe that if the new wave of corona is to be dealt with, then the speed of vaccination will have to reach about 40 to 45 lakhs every day.

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