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The lockdown could not break their spirits, earning lakhs from the tattoo business market of 20 thousand crores

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How is the trend of tattoo design increasing in India? Soon it has turned into a big industry. According to market experts, the annual revenue of this industry is around 20 thousand crores.

Tattoo Business In India

It is said that no one can stop those who have strength in their spirits. The corona pandemic has changed the lives of many people. This has put a brake on the dreams of many youths, but this pandemic has not broken their spirits. Aligarh-based tattoo artist Rachit Jadoun is also learning its nuances at home to fulfill his dreams. Something similar happened with Rachit, who traveled from Aligarh to the film city of Mumbai. Actually the business of this business is spreading rapidly in India. Therefore, now new professionals, especially the youth, are showing interest in this.

When one door was closed in front of Rachit when he had to come back to his home from Mumbai in lockdown, he opened another. Tattoo design work is well known. He tried his skills in this lockdown and is now earning 80 thousand to 1 lakh rupees every month from this business.

Tattoo business market is worth 20 thousand crores

How is the trend of tattoo design increasing in India? You can guess from this that seeing it, it has turned into a big industry. According to market experts, the annual revenue of this industry is around 20 thousand crores. Professionals especially from Goa, Mumbai, Gurgaon have more share in this business. Many other professionals like those created in the period of lockdown are making this business their full time earning means.

This is how earning

The trend of tattoo design is no longer confined only to foreign countries and big cities. But now its charm is also in small towns. Taking advantage of this, Rachit thought of making it his business. According to Rachit, he started making tattoos from house to house in lockdown. He used to get 3000 to 4000 rupees for one tab. In a month, he designs up to 20 tattoos, due to which he earns about 80 thousand to 1 lakh rupees.

old training is now working

Rachit Jadoun, a resident of Kishanpura, Aligarh, started with a studio in Aligarh in the year 2018. There he took initial training in making tattoos. Then in November last year, he moved from Aligarh to Mumbai to learn its nuances. There he joined a private studio and became a trainee. He says that tattoos of celebrities like Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya and Kunal Pandya are designed in that studio. Meanwhile, he also continued to work as a freelancing tattoo artist. He kept on making tattoos of people from house to house. When the second wave of Corona started wreaking havoc, there was a lockdown in Mumbai again. Because of this, Rachit came back to Aligarh. Now he is currently pursuing this business at home.

Work done for these celebrities too

Now Rachit is doing it as a full time business. Now his dream is to open his own studio in Delhi or Gurugram. According to Rachit, he has also designed tattoos of many celebrities, including Himachal’s Ranji player Nikhil Gangta, IPL players Paras Dogra, Priyam Garg and Rinku Singh, including some cricketers and singer Javed Ali. Since childhood, he has continued this work even after the lockdown in front of the desire and dedication to become an artist and is working on a plan to take this business forward very soon.

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