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The journey of masks: the times when people were injured by wearing masks

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Although the corona epidemic has given many lessons to humanity, one particular thing that has been given is the face mask. Like face masks, the covering of our body has become a necessary cover. Wearing green paint with a white shirt may not deter you, but if you do not wear a face mask, the challan is cut. From that, fashion designers have started showing art in face masks as well, that is, the color of the veneer that kind of mask.

Masks have not always been so smooth and beautiful. Today, as easily as we change by wearing face masks, centuries ago we were injured by wearing masks. After all, how would the journey to face mask be easy? Let’s know.

Mask made from leather


The emphasis on the use of face masks has not been given as much emphasis in the Corona era, but it is not that people did not understand the usefulness of masks. If you notice, Japanese tourists, who are considered to be the most aware of their health, mostly use masks. The use of masks was first emphasized when the world faced the Black Plague.

In a long time, scientists understood that breathing is the easiest way to spread the infection. Therefore it is important that one person’s breath be stopped from reaching the other person. Those in london have passed In 500 years Have used masks many times. If we look at the history of the mask, people have been using it since six BC.

As proof of Persian Tombs The guardians of this can be talked about. Who always covered their faces and especially their mouths. According to Marco Polo, servants in 13th century China had to be covered in burqas. However, his belief was that the servants’ breath should not be affected by the food of the king.

In other countries including Europe due to the Black Death Plague between 1347 and 1351 250 million People died After this, doctors started using special medical masks here. After this, when the plague knocked again in the 17th century, a picture of a person wearing a bird-shaped mask was drawn for awareness. So that people learn to cover their mouths and noses.

Applying the masks made during the plague does not make you feel suffocated, so they contain perfume and Use of aromatic herbs was done. PPE kits and masks were made for doctors treating the Great Plague in the 1665 era. Which in particular Made of leather There was a tunic, glass glasses on the eyes, gloves in the hands and a cap on the head. It was so difficult to wear PPE kits and masks that doctors used to get injured.

Poison escape weapon


During World War II, soldiers have used face masks. It is clear from the old photographs that the soldiers understood the usefulness of the mask and their initials. Twenty years later, chemical weapons – chlorine gas and mustard gas – were used in the Great War. Then the governments themselves appealed to the public to use masks. Policemen themselves took to the streets in 1938 Respirator to the public Were distributed

Even the Murray Cabaret dancer of Beech Street used to dance using the respirator as a mask. Not only this, the faces of the animals were measured at the Chessington Zoo, so that special masks could be made for their faces. Masks on horse faces Was fitted looked like a bag that covered their nostrils.

That is, every living creature of the earth was being masked. When it came to the initial masks, people used to wear masks made of leather. Masks and gloves made from animal skins were used in China and Mongol. In the war, soldiers wore masks made of iron. So that his identity can be hidden while remaining safe from enemy blows.

Tragedy gave many lessons


In the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century, the people of Europe faced air pollution for the first time. In the year 1952, between the 5th and the 9th of the month of December, at least 4,000 people died suddenly. According to an estimate, around 8,000 more people died in the weeks that followed. All this happened due to air pollution.

In the year 1930, people used to put caps on the head here. But pollution also taught to use masks with caps. Women in London preferred to cover themselves. Along with those jewels Robes She loved to wear and also covered the face with a gauze cloth. This was also so that we could protect ourselves from external pollution.

Corona’s business of jewelery and gems, exports fell by 25 percent

The administration appealed to the common people to use masks to save their lives. Many people made masks for themselves and many people in masks worn under their nose Disinfectant Used to pour drops. Then came the revenge in the fashion of masks. It used to be a kind of large cloth that would help cover the entire face.

When the world was facing infectious diseases, people were beginning to use masks, follow social distance and understand the needs of sanitization. Whether Mughal-era civilization or European culture, face-covering has been a common practice. Apart from avoiding infection, people have also been using face masks to avoid their enemies and fans.

Even though it has been more or less trending over time, now the face mask can be called New Normal. So keep wearing masks. Scientists say that wearing a mask all the way can remove a person’s breathing 84 percent of infectious particles Can not reach the other. If two people are using masks, they reduce the risk of infection by 96 percent.

Inputs: www.indiatimes.com

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