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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The decision of Indian Railways may shock the common man, traveling in Rajdhani train will be expensive!

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Long distance premium trains are being replaced with Tejas coaches. In such a situation, Indian Railways can increase the fare of these trains. This can increase the burden on the common man’s pockets.

Rajdhani Train

The sources of income during the Corona period have already decreased. At the same time, due to the expensive fare during the journey in the train, people’s budget can get spoiled. In fact, Indian Railways will soon increase the fare of Rajdhani Trains in which modern coaches like Tejas have been installed. This decision of the railways may shock the common man because now he will have to pay a higher fare for commuting by Rajdhani train.

Recently, there has been a 5 percent increase in the base fair of Delhi-Agartala Tejas-Rajdhani trains by the railways. According to the TOI report, sources claim that in the coming times, when all Rajdhani trains will be converted into Tejas trains, then their fares may increase further.

Due to this, the rent will increase

Right now there are about 25 such Rajdhani trains running in the country, which connect Delhi with the capital of different states. The motive behind increasing their base fair is that passengers can get better facilities like Tejas train. Just like the facilities available from automatic doors to biovecum restrooms, charging points and reading lights in Tejas coaches, the same facilities can be provided in Rajdhani trains.

Long distance premium trains will be replaced by coaches

Under the Indian Railways plan, coaches of long distance premium trains will be replaced. In such a situation, Tejas coaches will be installed in most Rajdhani trains. For this, about 500 sleeper coaches like Tejas will be made in the Integral Coach Factory and Modern Coach Factory. This work is to be completed between the years 2021-22. This information was given by the Indian Railways in February.

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