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Thursday, January 20, 2022

The challan of the traffic policeman in Odisha was cut, that too is not small, full of Rs 2000

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A surprising case has come out of Odisha. Here the challan of a traffic policeman was cut. That too is not small, full 2000 rupees. In fact, under the COVID-19 security rules, every human being is required to wear a mask. However, he was doing his duty without a mask, blowing off the Corona Guidelines.

On getting the information, the investigation team reached the spot and imposed a fine of Rs 2000 on the traffic constable. Odisha Police Corona Due to increasing cases, they are on a special campaign for 14 days. Under this, a fine of Rs 2000 is being imposed on those who do not apply masks. A traffic policeman has been fined under this operation.


On this matter, the police wrote in a tweet, ‘After being brought to our notice, we imposed a fine of Rs 2000 for not putting a mask on our traffic constable. He paid a fine as a responsible citizen. All of you should always wear a mask or pay a fine. Apart from this, there is no other option.

The Chief Minister of Odisha has also appealed to follow the COVID rules regarding Corona. He recently said in one of his messages, “If people put on masks and keep distance between each other, then the state can avoid stringent steps like lockdown, shutdown or curfew”.

Even in the Corona era, people are very happy with this scheme of Modi government, will get 12 thousand on depositing Rs 291.

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Mirza Shehnaz
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