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TaxBuddy.com & FinBingo.com announces plan to cover the cost of the Covid-19 vaccine for its employees and their immediate family members

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Mumbai, 30th March 2021:Mumbai based Fintech Startup, TaxBuddy.com & FinBingo.com, is furthering its commitment to protect the health, safety and well-being of its employees by removing obstacles for its employees to access the COVID-19 vaccine, if they so choose. 

SSBA Innovations, parent company of TaxBuddy.com & FinBingo.com, will cover the vaccination cost for the employee and immediate family.

Mr Sujit Bangar, Founder of TaxBuddy.com & FinBingo.com, said that “Amongst start-ups, it’s important to walk the path of commitment toward a healthy workforce. I am proud that TaxBuddy.com & FinBingo.com are following it.”

Employees of TaxBuddy.com & FinBingo.com and immediate family members, who are eligible under the guidelines given by the Government of India and as per approved procedures and timelines, will be provided reimbursement towards the costs required for the administration of the vaccine.

About TaxBuddy.com & FinBingo.com

TaxBuddy.com is an online tax advisor to enable individuals and small businesses to file their income tax and GST smartly and effortlessly. 

Finbingo.com is a highly specialized financial advisory platform that is aimed at achieving digital financial planning with minimal human intervention

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