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Tamilnadu elections: leaders are doing strange work from one to another in want of vote

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Tamil Nadu Election: As soon as the election comes, every single act of the leaders is becoming viral on social media. Some are washing clothes, some are making dosa and some are trying to feed people in their court by feeding them delicious fish.

Priyadarshini Udayabhanu (MNM Leader)

Assembly elections have started in five states of the country. Every candidate contesting elections is willing to do everything to win. In Tamilnadu (Tamil Nadu) you will find many such candidates who have been in the limelight in this election due to their strange promises and work. Here someone is washing clothes to entice the public, while someone is making a dosa on the cart. Even it was fine, but an independent candidate has done such feats that your senses will be blown away after listening to him.

In fact, Thulam Saravanan, who is contesting from Madurai seat in the Tamil Nadu assembly elections, has made such promises to the public that it is not easy to think about it even if it is to be fulfilled. In this manifesto, the candidate has decided to give mini helicopters to every house in his assembly constituency and one crore rupees every year. Also promised to have gold ornaments, three-storeyed house and a trip to the moon at weddings. However, the candidate says that he has done all this so that the public can be made aware and he does not fall into the false promises of the leaders.

AIDMK candidate washing clothes on pavement

AIDMK candidate Thanga Katiwaran from Nagapattinam is washing clothes on the pavement to woo his voters. In fact, AIDMK has promised to give washing machines to every family after winning elections this time, so Kativaran is trying to connect the public by sitting on the pavement and washing clothes among the public. However, how much his luck shines through this washing will be known only after the election results are out on May 2.

DMK candidate AVM Prabhakar Raja seen making dosa on the hand

DMM candidate AVM Prabhakar Raja from Virugambakkam has come up with a new idea to help his voters, he reached a dosa deal while campaigning in the market and removed the dosae and started making hot dosa for himself. In fact, Dosa is very popular in South India, so DMK candidates may have thought that they will be able to connect with the public better with this step. However, crowds also appeared there to eat the dosa of Netaji’s hand. Now how much this dosa translates into votes will be a matter to be seen.

MNM candidates tasting the public by cooking fish on the street

Makkal Nidhi Mayyam (MNM) candidate Priyadarshini is contesting from Egmore assembly seat. He must have seen that the candidates of DMK and AIDMK are adopting all kinds of maneuvers to keep the public in their court, so they also decided why they should stay behind. MNM candidates were seen cooking fish on a roadside cart in their assembly constituency and tasting it to the public with passion. Although Priyadarshini’s fish gets caught in the thorn or not, it will be known on the 2nd date that the results will come.

This time why candidates of big parties are doing such work

This time the Tamil Nadu assembly election is completely different from the previous elections, this time neither AIDMK has Jayalalithaa nor DMK has Karunanidhi, it was two leaders whose candidates won only in the name. But this time there is nothing like that, so every candidate wants to win this time assembly elections on his own and is willing to do anything for him. No one can tell what will happen in Tamil Nadu this time, but if the leaders had worked for the public from the beginning, then today it would not have to do everything. Well, how much the people like these leaders like this and how much people vote on this, it will be known only after the election results are out. Till then you should enjoy seeing such acts of the leaders around you.

Bumper voting is happening in West Bengal, 77.99 percent voting till 5 pm

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