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Starting today, driving here will not be expensive, if you have not done this work, challan of Rs 5,500 will be deducted.

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If you have not taken a high security number plate for your car or bike, then get ready to give an invoice.

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If you live in Noida, Uttar Pradesh and have not yet installed the High Security Number Plate (HSRP) in your car and two-wheeler, then it is better to leave your car in the parking lot because April 15 due to non-installation of HSRP That is, you may have to fill the challan from today.

According to data received from Gautam Buddha Nagar district, so far less than 50 percent vehicles have HSRP number plates. There are 7.5 lakh vehicles registered here and 2.5 lakh vehicles of other district are running in this district. This means that a total of 10 lakh vehicles are running on the road here. But the citizens here are not showing seriousness about this and hence the district administration has announced a challan of Rs 5,500 for vehicles without HSRP after April 15.

If you have a slip then there will not be an invoice

Those who have booked their HSRP online and have received waiting for two to three months, then such people have been asked to carry their registration slip along. The challan will not be deducted on showing this slip.

What is HSRP?

The HSRP is a hologram sticker giving the engine and chassis number of the car and it is pasted on the number plate of the vehicle. This high security number plate has been designed for the safety and convenience of the vehicle. It is fitted in the vehicle and once the number plate is installed it cannot be easily removed.

What is the difference between HSRP and old plate?

The main objective of HSRP is to protect the vehicle from theft. The thieves stealing the vehicle replace the number plate but the high security number plates are made of aluminum and cannot be changed. The reason for this is that this plate has a hologram of blue Ashoka Chakra made of chromium metal which further enhances its safety. Apart from this, the marks are embossed on this plate.

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