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Start this special kind of fertilizer at home business, earning is excellent

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In the era of organic farming, the demand for this type of fertilizer is increasing greatly. Explain that earthworm manure or vermicompost is considered suitable for organic manure.

The special thing about compost is that it is ready within one and a half months to two months.

There are many businesses related to agriculture, in which you can earn good money even without farming fences. In many trades, you do not have to do any farming and people are making great money from it. Just like many people are working as dairy products, many people are opening laboratory to do soil check. In this way, you can earn good money through fertilizer and this particular type of fertilizer is vermicompost compost ie earthworm manure.

Actually, the demand for this type of fertilizer is increasing in the era of organic farming. Explain that earthworm manure or vermicompost is considered suitable for organic manure. It contains many nutritional elements, which are considered good for farming. In such a situation, in the midst of this increasing demand, you can start this fertilizer business and earn good money by making earthworm manure. In such a situation, today we are making you its business plan, through which you can start your business.

Gets ready soon

The special feature of this fertilizer is that it is ready within one and a half to two months and it contains 2.5 to 3 percent nitrogen, 1.5 to 2 percent sulfur and 1.5 to 2 percent potash along with earthworms. It can be prepared at home or in the field. Apart from cow dung, it requires some other things which are very easy to get. It is even easier to make this compost if there are trees around the house because vermicompost can be made in the shade of the tree.

What is the way to make manure?

The most successful way to make vermi compost in low cost is to take cow dung. The advantage of making it under the trees is that the leaves, etc., supply the organic matter to the manure. Vermi compost is made only by mixing organic matter with cow dung, so there is no need to do much for it. Vermi compost is easily prepared by letting the cow dung in the shade of the tree. Earthworms have to be added to the cow dung. This work can be done at a small level or even at a large level. Straw can be used properly after cultivation to make compost.

If the stalk is used properly, then it can be useful. For this, tie the stalks together and attach them around the cow dung heap and surround it. After this, cover it, it will save earthworms. Care has to be taken for the safety of earthworms, because this will prepare the manure.

What should be kept in mind?

In making a pile of cow dung, keep in mind that its height should not be more than two and a half feet. 1 thousand earthworms will be needed for a meter long pile, this should be kept in mind. Let us know that its earnings depends on the nature of earthworms. If the quality of earthworms is better, then manure will also become better and this will result in its sale. According to one figure, you can earn one to one and a half lakh rupees in 25 square meters in a year by adopting it professionally in karma expenditure.

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