Special train will run from New Delhi to Bihar, UP’s people will also benefit, check Shedule quickly

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Chief Public Relations Officer of East Central Railway, Rajesh Kumar said that this Holi special train will have 02 coaches of air-conditioned second class, 03 air-conditioned third class, 11 in sleeper class and 04 coaches of ordinary class.

Special train

The services of the Indian Railways were completely disrupted due to the Corona lockdown. Now a large number of trains have come on track. According to reports, more than 65 percent of trains continue to operate. Railway services have not been able to be 100 percent smooth at present, but after express trains, Intercity, MEMU and passenger train services have also been started.

Many Holi special trains are being operated for the convenience of passengers regarding Holi. In this order, 02349/02350 Bhagalpur-New Delhi-Bhagalpur Super Fast Holi Special train will be operated between Bhagalpur and New Delhi, stopping at Kiul, Gaya, Nawada, Sasaram, Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay stations of East Central Railway.

Train number 02349 Bhagalpur-New Delhi Holi Special will be run on 05 and 12 April. At the same time, 02350 New Delhi-Bhagalpur Holi Special will be run on 06 and 13 April. All coaches in this train will be of reserved category and passengers traveling in it will have to follow the standards of COVID-19.

What will be the timing of the train?

Train number 02349 Bhagalpur-New Delhi Holi Special will open from Bhagalpur at 17:40 pm. This train will stop at other stations at 20:00 at Kiul, 21:22 at Nawada, at 23:20, at Sasaram at 00.28 and at Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Junction at 01: 50 and reach New Delhi at 12: 35 the next day.

In return from here, train number 02350 will open from New Delhi-Bhagalpur Holi Special New Delhi on 06 and 13 April at 23:45. This train will stop at other stations and reach Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Junction, Sasaram at 11:57 AM, 13:25 AM, Nawada at 15:05 AM, Kuala at 15:05 PM and reach Bhagalpur at 20:00 AM the next day.

Two 2AC coaches, three 3AC coaches and 11 sleeper bogies

Chief Public Relations Officer of East Central Railway, Rajesh Kumar said that this Holi special train will have 02 air-conditioned second class, 03 air-conditioned class 3, sleeper class 11 and ordinary class 04 coaches.

Changed routes of many trains

CPRO of East Central Railway Rajesh Kumar told that non-interlocking work is to be done for yard remodeling from 2nd April to 5th April at Mau station of North Eastern Railway for upgradation of passenger facility. Due to this, the routes of 6 special trains passing through this station have been changed. At the same time, this work will also be affected on 2 other trains.

Special trains run by changed route:

04 04006 Anand Vihar Terminus-Sitamarhi special train running from Anand Vihar Terminus from 02 to 04 April, 2021, will be diverted via Aundihar-Ballia-Chhapra in lieu of scheduled route Aundhihar-Mau-Bhatni-Chapra.

09 On April 02, 2021, 09165 Ahmedabad-Darbhanga special train running from Ahmedabad will be diverted to Varanasi-Oundihar-Ghazipur City-Ballia-Chapra instead of Shahganj-Mau-Ballia-Chapra.

🔸 05050 Gorakhpur-Kolkata special train running from Gorakhpur on 03 April 2021 will be diverted via Indra-Fafna-Chapra, instead of the scheduled route Mau-Indara-Fafna-Chapra.

04 04651 Jaynagar-Amritsar special train running from Jayanagar from 02 to 04 April 2021 will be diverted to Chhapra-Ballia-Fafna-Ghazipur City-Oundihar-Jaunpur in lieu of Chhapra-Ballia-Mau-Shahganj scheduled route.

🔸 On 04 April 2021, 04652 Amritsar-Jayanagar special train running from Amritsar will be diverted to Jaunpur-Oundihar-Ghazipur City-Fafna-Chhapra in place of the scheduled route Shahganj-Mau-Ballia-Chapra.

On 04 April 2021, 05049 Kolkata-Gorakhpur special train running from Kolkata will be diverted via Chhapra-Ballia-Fafna-Indara converting route in place of Chhapra-Ballia-Fafna-Indara-Mau scheduled route.

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