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Sonu is truly a hero! Sonu Sood will win hearts after being corona positive

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The news of Bollywood actor Sonu Sood being corona positive may have disappointed his fans, but Sonu’s passion has not decreased. He sees this as an opportunity to help people.

While giving information about being corona positive, Sonu wrote on Twitter, “Hello friends, I want to inform you that my test positive of COVID 19 has come. So I have quarantined myself. Nothing to worry, now the reverse I will have more time than ever to fix your problems. Remember, any problem .. I am always with you. ”

Corona report is positive but my mood is super positive: Sonu

Recently, Sonu took the dose of Corona vaccine. Which proves that even after getting the vaccine, we have to follow its rules.

Not stopping right

Sonu, who helped millions of migrant laborers and common people last year, is also continuing the work of righteousness this year. He recently sent 10 oxygen cylinders to help Indore. Like Indore, Delhi and Maharashtra are also facing a shortage of beds and oxygen cylinders. From mangoes to special people are also helpless.

Sonu had also posted this before he was positive that he was getting calls from thousands of people but could not help everyone. They are feeling helpless.

At this time, the only way to avoid the havoc of the virus, is self-restriction. We have to follow the rules ourselves more strictly, only then we will be able to beat it.

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