So .. that’s why India became part of Myanmar’s Army Day Parade, know what the compulsions were

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India’s diplomatic relations with Myanmar are intact. Therefore, India along with a small team participated in the Army Day Parade only in a symbolic way. Another compulsion of India is that it cannot leave open ground for China in its neighborhood.

Myanmar Army Day

It is strange to see and hear that a contingent of Indian Army took part in Myanmar’s Army Day Parade on Sunday. India is the largest democracy in the world, while it has not been two months in Myanmar when the feticide of that democracy has taken place. Feticide is because before the establishment of democracy there, the army once again overthrown the throne and took power.

Foreign policy is blind, like a leg horse whose eyes are placed on the right and left blocks so that the horse runs in the same direction as seen, the same is the condition of foreign policy. The foreign policy of any country has only one goal, whatever is in the national interest, to keep moving forward in that direction. Tragically, India along with seven other countries took part in Myanmar’s Army Day Parade on the same day that Myanmar soldiers shot and killed 114 people, including a seven-year-old child. The child was playing in the park, but the fault of everyone else who was unarmed was that he was opposing the murder of democracy.

Countries compelled to participate in Myanmar’s army parade

The eight countries that participated in the army parade in Myanmar were China, Russia, Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Laos and India. Among these countries, there are only two countries with which Myanmar does not have a border, Russia and Pakistan. The irony of international politics is that India is being seen with the military administration of Myanmar. There is no doubt that China was behind the coup of Myanmar. China hates the name of democracy. Russia is compelled that Myanmar is the buyer of the weapons manufactured by it. Russia does not want to lose this market, so it attended the Army Day Parade.

At the same time, India also has a compulsion that it cannot leave open ground for China in its neighborhood. China’s unilateral dominance in a neighboring country of India is a threat to India’s strategic and internal security. Therefore, India joined it only in a symbolic manner with a small group. India’s diplomatic relations with Myanmar are intact. The Military Attach of the Myanmar Embassy of India received an order to join it. At the same time, the helplessness of Pakistan was that if India will be there, then it is important for Pakistan to be there too.

Myanmar is full of precious stones and Thailand is its largest exporter. Thailand makes a big profit from the trade in Myanmar’s precious stones. Therefore, whichever government is in Myanmar, Thailand will remain with it. The situation in Vietnam is similar to India. He too cannot be a friend of China and his enemy in his neighborhood, so he also has to be there.

Bangladesh and Laos are compelled that both countries do not want an enemy neighbor in their neighborhood. In Pakistan and Bangladesh too, soldiers were overthrown several times, India never dissolved its diplomatic relations with them, then India could not do so by wanting from Myanmar.

The killing of unarmed civilians by soldiers in Myanmar is an open challenge to the democratic forces

Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had pulled a stone streak by saying that your friend can be desired but not your neighbor. As it is, in Republic of Myanmar, eyeballing is not a new thing between democracy and soldiers. In 1948, Myanmar gained independence from the British Empire. The democracy remained there for 14 years of its beginning, but before the roots of the democracy were strengthened, the ethnic groups there weakened the government chosen in the name of self-government. For the first time in 1962, there was a coup and military rule continued till 2011. Under international pressure, a civilian government was formed there, but the Myanmar soldiers proved that their mouths are bloodied and they want nothing less than power. The way unarmed civilians are being killed by soldiers in Myanmar is not only condemnable but also an open challenge to the democratic forces.

Will there be a civil war in Myanmar?

A revolt has started in Myanmar to protest the coup. It is reported that the way the armed forces called Mukti Vahini were formed in Bangladesh to fight against the Pakistani army, the anti-Myanmar military youth are undergoing training in carrying weapons and ammunition. That is, in the coming days a situation of civil war may arise there.

It is necessary to raise voice against the inhuman atrocities in Myanmar, and perhaps the time has come for the UN Security Council to intervene in this, although this is not possible under China. China will not refrain from using its veto power on any such proposal. Here, as in America, if it had sent its army to Iraq and Libya and formed a puppet civilian government, it would not work. History has shown that Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were better dictators and not a threat to world peace. The terrorist organization called Islamic State which came to light after the demolition of these two dictators by the US has become a challenge for world peace. .

Will India’s election to be included in Myanmar’s Army Day Parade become an election issue?

India knows that if it takes the initiative to re-establish civil rule by sending its army there, then small ethnic groups like the Islamic State will emerge, which can prove to be a greater threat to India and world peace. . In such a situation, it is important for India to be there, because India is the only country that has direct contact with Myanmar’s army, civilians and rebels, and like in the past, India will continue to play an important role in the future.

Thankfully, India’s participation in Myanmar’s Army Day Parade has not yet become an electoral issue, but there can be no guarantee that all opposition leaders like Mamata Banerjee do not hoist it in the election and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s talk But do not criticize that they like dictators more than the monarchy.

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Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni
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