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SHO of Bihar killed for raid in Bengal, mother dies after seeing son’s dead body

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Bihar Police Officer Ashwani Kumar, who went to Bengal to kill Red in a vehicle theft case, was beaten to death by people. Ashwini Kumar, who was posted as SHO of Kishanjung Town Police Station in Bihar Police, went to investigate an issue of theft in an area bordering Bengal. During this time, the criminals first quarrelled with him. Then attacked them. By the time SHO was rushed to the hospital, he succumbed.

Now the news has come that after the death of Ashwini Kumar, her mother has also died of shock. It is being told in media reports that she was shocked after seeing the son’s corpse, which she could not withstand.

According to the TNN report, Ashivani Kumar was a resident of Jankinagar village of Purnia district of Bihar. He had reached the goalkeeper police station to raid a case of bike theft registered in the case of Kishanganj Town Police Station. He was killed in the Pantapada area falling under the jurisdiction of the police station.

When his corpse was brought home, his mother was shocked to see him. Seven policemen of the Kishanganj police station involved in this raid with Kumar have been suspended for running away from the spot and leaving Kumar alone.


Earlier, SP Kumar Ashish of Kishanganj had accused the Bengal police that they did not cooperate with Kumar and his team due to the elections.

Accusing the Bengal police, Kumar said, “As per the CrPC rules, the police of one area can go and raid in another area. If they had helped us, our officers would have been alive today.”

At present, the Bengal police have arrested 5 accused in this case. The investigation of the case is still going on.

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