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SBI also charges you internet banking charges for these two online services, Rs 50 is deducted per transaction.

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SBI online charges: Although SBI does not charge any charge for online service, but there are two such services for which it charges up to Rs 50.

Usually all the services online are free.

The country’s largest government bank SBI charges different charges from its customers for different services. This includes different services including ATM withdrawal, check book withdrawal, branch withdrawal, debit card issue. In such a situation, customers are appealed to do most of their work online because online service is free. In this article, we are going to tell you about those two online services of SBI which are not free but chargeable.

As we know if you do online transaction with debit card then you do not have to pay any kind of additional charge. But on deducting railway and plane tickets, you have to pay internet banking charges. According to the information available on SBI’s website, if you make payment on IRCTC website with SBI card, then a banking charge of Rs. At the same time, a charge of Rs 50 will be deducted for deducting air tickets online. Service tax will be deducted separately in both the cases.

NEFT transaction charge

If you do online IMPS, RTGS, NEFT transactions, then no charge is deducted for this. However, charges are applicable for this at the branch. If you go to the branch then do NEFT of 10 thousand then the transaction charge is Rs 2, for 10 thousand to 1 lakh transaction charge is Rs 4, for 1-2 lakh this charge is Rs 12 and for more than 2 lakh transactions, Rs 20 A charge of Rs. GST is applicable separately.

RTGS Transaction Charges

On the other hand, for doing RTGS transactions by visiting the branch, a charge of Rs 20 is deducted for 2-5 lakhs and Rs 40 for transactions more than 5 lakhs. In both the cases, GST is levied separately. There is no charge for NEFT/RTGS for current account holders.

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