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Salman Khan helping film industry workers, will send money to 25,000 laborers

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Even the smallest help made by a human being in this horrific period of corona infection also matters. In this era, people have the support of each other, there are many people who are understanding this and are coming forward for help. Many hands from the film industry have also moved forward to help the needy. One of these hands is Salman Khan, who has come forward to help the 25,000 laborers working in the industry.

1500 help to each one

In the difficult times of this Corona transition, like other workplaces, the work of the film industry has almost come to a standstill. Especially this time is more difficult for the laborers working in the industry. Due to the shutdown of work, it has become difficult even to challan the house. In such a situation, Salman Khan, a famous actor by the name of Bhai Jan, has come forward to help 25000 laborers. During this second wave of Corona, Salman Khan has taken an initiative to give an assistance amount of 1500-1500 rupees to the account of 25000 laborers.

General Secretary confirmed

Salman Khan To Send Rs 1500 In 25000 Workers Account From The Industry Amid This PandemicTwitter

According to the report of Indian Express, the manager of Salman Khan had sought the account details of the workers from the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) General Secretary Ashok Dubey so that they could send money to their account. In this regard, Ashok Dubey said that Salman Khan’s manager BN Tiwari had asked for bank details of 25,000 workers and workers. Salman Khan will deposit 1500 rupees in each one’s account. Dubey said that Salman had helped in the Corona era last year as well and this time he has come forward to help again. Dubey further said that we had no idea that such a situation would come again. From February, our laborers started getting work and we were all happy. Then this second wave came and the work stopped again. We do not even know how long the work will start again.

The film will earn donations

Salman Khan To Send Rs 1500 In 25000 Workers Account From The Industry Amid This PandemicTwitter

A spokesman for Salman Khan said that we are happy that we can give some of our support in this war going on from the corona of the country. Since last year, we are constantly trying to contribute to this battle going on against Corona. Recently, Salman has been told that the deposits will be donated for corona oxygen cylinders, concentrators and ventilators by his upcoming film Radhe, which is releasing on the OTT platform on 13 May.

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