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RO water is not only certified! Read this instruction of NGT, it is a very serious issue.

Do you drink RO (reverse osmosis) water? Or do you know that all the claims made about RO machine used for clean water in the houses are correct or not, they are not yet certified? Despite this, domestic, commercial and industrial use of RO machine continues.

Actually, claims are made about reverse osmosis, that it removes the salinity of water. But, it is also a fact that in the entire process of removing the salt water, about 4 times more water is wasted.

The NGT has repeatedly told the Union Ministry of Water Resources, Union Ministry of Forest and Environment, Bharti Standards Bureau (BIS) and other parties to issue a notification, not only to issue a notification to stop the use of ROs properly, Rather, follow it as well. However, in the report of Union Ministry of Forest and Environment, it is evident that due to differences in technical aspect with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), no consensus has been reached.

Let us tell you that on July 13, 2020, an order was also issued by the NGT. There was a reference to the order of 20 May 2019 which was not followed. In this, there was talk of banning the use of RO by issuing notification. Even after 1 year, if no action was taken on this, then additional time was sought by taking the ground of lockdown.

In fact, on 20 May 2019, the NGT ordered the Union Forest and Environment Ministry to stop the RO water in areas where the water is not saline by issuing a notification. Along with this, it was also said that orders should be issued to the RO producer companies that they should clean at least 60% of the water during the cleaning of the water from the machines.


The NGT had said that the RO manufacturers should set at least 150 mg per liter of TDS in the machines. Along with this, also ensure the minimum amount of calcium and magnesium. There should also be clear labeling on the machines.

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In such a situation, when the water crisis is so deep in the country, why the clear guidelines have not yet been established even after almost two years on this option of water wastage. Whereas from NITI Aayog to the World Bank, it is constantly warning that waste of water is leading to a big crisis.


On the other hand, when there is a clear guideline on the amount of TDS and when there is such a thing about the amount of calcium and magnesium, why have the RO companies not acted on it so far. On the other hand, why have the Ministries not taken action on this? On 5 April 2021, the NGT may issue a hearing order in this pending case.


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