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Restoration of 3479 teachers in 17 states will change the picture of Eklavya schools, this is the mega plan of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs

The portal will be open from 1 April to 30 April for applications. The exam is likely to be held in the first week of June. For details have been asked to visit recruitment.https: // and

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The Ministry of Tribal Affairs has prepared a mega plan to change the picture and fate of Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS) located in 17 states of the country. The ministry, through its autonomous organization National Education Society for Tribal Students (NESTS), will reinstate about 3500 teachers in these schools. According to the ministry, through this, quality teachers will be restored in these schools and educational standards will be improved. Along with this, there are also plans to open more than 450 new schools.

According to the information, currently 3,479 posts of teachers are vacant in Eklavya Adarsh ​​Residential Schools in 17 states. The application process for this will start from the first date of the next month i.e. April 1. In these schools, there will be a centralized computer-based examination for the recruitment of 3479 posts of Principal, Deputy Principal, PGT and TGT. After that the interview will be conducted (excluding TGT) by the respective states.

Applications from April 1, exam to be held in June

The portal will be open from 1 April to 30 April for applications. The exam is likely to be held in the first week of June. For details and last dates of the portal, recruitment.https: // and has been asked to visit.

452 new schools will also be opened

In addition to the existing 288 schools, 452 new schools will be opened under the changed scheme and thus the total number of schools will be 740 in the coming years. Out of these, the proposal of the states for opening 100 schools has been finalized and construction work will start there soon.

Objective is to provide quality education to tribal students

The EMRS scheme is the flagship program of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs for imparting quality education to tribal students in tribal areas of the country. The scheme started in 1998 and underwent major changes in the year 2018-19 to improve the accessibility of geographically schools to each block of 50% or more Scheduled Tribe population.

Focus on overall development of students

Under this plan, the focus is to ensure the overall development of students in studies and other activities. With the filling of the vacant posts and the steps to be taken in the coming days, EMRS will not become ideal schools in tribal areas only, but will become prestigious institutes of nation building. Several steps were taken through partnership with external stakeholders to create teacher capacity building, leadership development of principals, CBSE recognition of schools, online and digital education in schools and to bring resources under various current programs like Atal Tinkering Labs, NISHTA Huh.

Jointly started recruitment process in all states

According to this mega plan of the ministry, the recruitment process has been started jointly with the states concerned, so as to meet the demand of teachers for the vacant vacancies in the schools already functioning and the schools functioning from this year. Vacancy has been calculated by excluding positions currently filled by regular and adhoc or guest staff.

See here how many vacancies are in which states


The stateThis/center Ruled Area Principal DeputyPrincipal The postT GraysUAT teacher TRAND GraysUAT teacher The total The rickShe


Andhra Pradesh 14 6 0 97 117


Chhattisgarh 37 19 135 323



Gujarat 17 2 24 118


4 Himachal Pradesh 1 0 6 1 8
5 Jharkhand 8 8 132 60 208
6 Jammu and Kashmir 2 0 0 12 14
7 Madhya Pradesh 32 32 625 590 1279
8 Maharashtra 16 8 28 164 216
9 Manipur 0 2 8 30 40


Mizoram 0 3 2 5


11 Odisha 15 11 12 106 144
12 Rajasthan 16 11 102 187 316
13 Sikkim 2 2 17 23 44
14 Telangana 11 6 77 168 262
15 Tripura 1 3 36 18 58
16 Uttar Pradesh 2 2 37 38 79
17 Uttarakhand 1 1 3 4


The total 175 116 1244 1944


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