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Railways made a big announcement, passenger train service will start from this date

Railways (Indian Railways) has decided to restore passenger train services in the next two months for the convenience of passengers. However, it is necessary to get permission from the state government for the operation of these trains.

Passenger Train Service

During the Corona period, the wheels of the railway had stopped. Special trains were run to reduce the problem of passengers. But the Passenger Train Services was not fully restored again. In such a situation, the Railways has made a big announcement for the passengers. Soon passenger train services will be fully started. It is expected that it will start operating in the next two months.

Passengers have been demanding that the passenger train service be restored for a long time. Passenger trains are beneficial for commuting due to low fares and daily work. But there was a fear of infection due to the rush of passengers in such trains. In such a situation, the Railways did not reinstate this service. But now, with the improvement in the situation, it has been decided to run it again. However, it is necessary to get the approval of the state government.

Passenger trains will be able to run in these states

According to Indian Railways, passenger train services will be resumed as before in the next two months. These trains will be run in the same states where the governments will approve it. Apart from this, passenger trains will be allowed to run in the places where COVID-19 will be under epidemic control. According to a PTI report, 66% of train services are currently being run as special trains.

There are so many trains currently running

Nearly 77% of express and mail trains have been in service since the Corona epidemic. Apart from this, 91% of all urban trains are running, while only 20% of passenger trains are currently being operated. A railway official says that in the next two months, the national transporter with its special train services will operate passenger trains as before, this will help the passengers.

Service returning to track

During the Corona epidemic, the railway suffered a lot of damage. Prior to the epidemic, Indian Railways ran 1,768 mail trains on an average daily. At present, this number is 1,353 per day. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, about 3,634 passenger trains were running daily, but currently only 740 are in service per day. At the same time, before the Corona era, 5,881 suburban / local trains operated every day, now these numbers are 5,381.

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