Railways are running special trains for Delhi and Kanpur, they will also be able to travel without a confirmed ticket!

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Railways has run many special trains for Holi and this time the Railways has made a special plan for special train and Pooja special. Through this plan, trains will cut more than 500 rounds.

For travelers, it is important to follow the guidelines to avoid the corona virus from traveling.

Keeping in mind the festive season, the railway is continuously providing facilities to the passengers. In such a situation, the Railways has run many special trains for Holi and this time the Railways has made a special plan for special train and Puja special. Through this plan, trains will cut more than 500 rounds and people are not trying to have any problem on Holi. In such a situation, the Railways has now decided to run 4 more special trains.

The people of Baramulla, Delhi, Kanpur are going to benefit greatly from these four trains run by the Railways. According to the information given on the official Twitter account of the Railway Ministry, now four special trains are being run. The special thing is that these are unreserved special trains i.e. if your seat is not confirmed then you can easily travel in it. These are special unreserved trains, which will benefit people traveling at short distances.

While releasing the list of the trains, the Railways has written, ‘New unreserved special trains are being run by the Indian Railways keeping in mind the facilities of the passengers. This will facilitate the movement of passengers. Also, the railways have given information about the routes on which this train is to be run. Let us know on which routes the train is running…

Baramula Junction – Banihal (Jammu and Kashmir)
Baramula Junction-Budgam (Jammu and Kashmir)
Delhi – Tundla (Uttar Pradesh)
Kanpur-Tundla (Uttar Pradesh)
Kanpur Central – Phaphund (Uttar Pradesh)

Special trains were run even before this

Earlier special trains were run for Holi. The railways had decided to run trains on about 15 routes once before and after that trains have also been run from different railway zones. Northern Railway has also run four special trains, including Secunderabad-Gorakhpur-Secunderabad Special Train, Surat-Muzaffarpur-Surat Special Train, Kanpur Central-Amritsar Weekly Special, Newzalpaiguri-Jammu Special Train.

On which routes is the special train run?

Mata Vaishno Devi Katra – Varanasi
Anand Vihar – Lucknow
Chandigarh – Gorakhpur
Anand Vihar – Gaya
New Delhi-Barauni
Anand Vihar-Patna
Anand Vihar-Varanasi
Anand Vihar-Jogbani
Nizamuddin-Huzur Sahib Nanded
New Delhi – Mata Vaishno Devi Katra

Trains will take more than 500 trips

Actually, Indian Railways has decided to run 18 pair special trains in view of Holi. Apart from this, 13 Puja special trains have also been extended, due to which their help will also be taken on Holi. At the same time, 5 pair normal special train has also been specially extended. In such a situation, 130 trips will be done by special train and 378 trips will be done by Pooja Special, Normal Special Train. In such a situation, there will be some 508 trips related to Holi, which will greatly benefit the passengers.

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Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni
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