Problems persist on vigorously launched e-filing port, still some service ‘coming soon’

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New IT e-filing Portal: Users are facing problems like it takes more time to log in, difficulty in responding to notices and all the features provided on it are still not working.

e-filing portal

On the e-filing portal of the Income Tax Department (IT Department), which has been started vigorously, users are constantly facing technical problems. According to various chartered accountants, these include problems such as taking longer to ‘log in’, difficulty in responding to notices and all the features on it are still not working.

The new portal was launched on 7th June. The Income Tax Department and the government said that its objective is to make compliance more easy for taxpayers. Complaints of technical problems in the work on the portal started coming from the very first day itself. Complaints persist even after a week. Taxpayers are not able to view their last e-filed returns. Many features have not started yet. It is being written on it that ‘coming soon’ means it will start soon.

The Finance Minister had said to remove the technical flaws

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had asked IT company Infosys and its chairman Nandan Nilekani, which created the portal itself, to remove technical flaws in the new e-filing website of the Income Tax Department. On the very second day of the portal’s launch, a large number of users on Sitharaman’s Twitter timeline complained about the portal not working properly.

After that the Finance Minister had asked Infosys and its chairman to sort out the problems. Responding to Sitharaman’s tweet, Nilekani had said that Infosys is resolving technical issues.

Infosys was given the contract to build a new website

Infosys was awarded the contract in 2019 to develop the next generation income tax filing system. The aim is to reduce the time taken for processing of returns from 63 days to one day and speed up the refund process.

The problem is coming in compliance with the notice

Nangia & Co LLP Partner Shailesh Kumar said that with the problems being faced in ‘logging in’ to the portal, the important features are yet to be rolled out. For example, on the ‘e-Proceedings’ tab, the message ‘Soon to start’ is coming. This is raising concerns regarding orders among taxpayers and tax professionals. Orders are being passed and adequate opportunity is not being given to present your side in the matter as there is a problem in compliance of the notice.

Kumar said, taxpayers may have to face punishment for reasons which are not within their control. Also, taxpayers are facing a major challenge to remit money abroad as they are unable to issue Form 15CA/CB. These problems are there even after the portal is started. These are not minor glitches and need immediate attention and resolution.

Problems need to be resolved quickly

AMRG & Associates Senior Partner Rajat Mohan said the common issues being faced by the portal since last week are 10-15 minutes time taken to ‘log in’, problem in filing response to assessment notices, Filing related data is not visible on the portal and e-processing system is not fully operational.

Mohan said, there is a need to address the problems of the new income tax portal at the earliest. Taxpayers and tax professionals are facing problems due to technical glitches.

If technical flaws are removed, then you will get benefit

Arti Raut, Partner, Deloitte India said that the new income tax portal has raised hopes for all. He said that the benefit of the new portal will be visible only when the technical flaws are removed.

Dhruv Advisors LLP partner Sandeep Bhalla also said that the website seems to be user friendly but it is running very slow.

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Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni
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