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PF Withdrawal: If these things are not done then it will be difficult to get PF money, complete it today.

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KYC is required for every PF account. If the KYC of your account is not complete, then you may have trouble withdrawing money.

PF account number must be linked to UAN.

Employed people deposit a part of their salary in a PF account. Due to this, good money gets deposited in the account of the employees and the government also pays a lot of interest on it. You can withdraw this money in times of need. This money is very useful during emergency. But, it happens many times that when you are in need, you are unable to withdraw money and for some reason the money gets stuck.

If you do not get this money during the emergency, there is a lot of problem. By the way, let us tell you that due to any mistake or negligence, money gets stuck. Or even in the absence of information, you are not able to get the money back. In such a situation, they know what are the reasons, due to which the money stops and they are not able to take advantage of the money. Today we are telling you all the reasons why money can get stuck so that you improve it in advance and you have no problem.

Money stops due to KYC

Please tell that it is necessary to have KYC for every PF account. If the KYC of your account is not complete, then you may have trouble withdrawing money. Your KYC details must be completed as well as verified. You can check whether KYC is complete and verified or by logging into your member e-Seva account.

Bank account detail was wrong

It is often seen that people fill their bank account information or if there is an old account attached to their PF account, then they have difficulty in withdrawing money. Apart from this, whenever you claim for a PF account, fill the details of the account carefully. By doing this, there is a lot of problem in getting money, so take care of the bank details.

UAN link is required

Your PF account number must be linked to UAN. Even if the account is not linked, there can be problem in getting money. Therefore, link the UAN in advance, otherwise you may face problems. By the way, you do not have any problem in online work by having a UAN link. Along with this, it should also be linked to Aadhaar. If you have completed this process then you will not have any problem.

These conditions have to be fulfilled

If withdrawing in financial emergency, then it is most important to fulfill the three conditions. If no account holder fulfills these three conditions. Then its application will be canceled. First- UAN is required to be active, second- Account Aadhaar is verified and linked to UAN, Third- Bank account with correct IFSC should be linked to UAN. These are the most essential points, if they are complete then your work will be done.

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