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Petrol and diesel became the age of the old CNG car, this company sold 157954 CNG cars, know the whole matter

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You can buy vehicles like Alto, Celerio, Wagon-R, S-Presso, Eeco, Ertiga, Tour S and Super Carry LCV with company-fitted CNG kit.

Maruti Suzuki S Cng

The country’s leading automobile manufacturer Maruti Suzuki has reported that it has sold 1.57 lakh such vehicles with factory fitted CNG kits in the financial year 2020-21. This is the biggest record in five years. If we talk about this figure, then it is double from 2016-17 and much more from 2019-20.

The company is betting heavily on S-CNG as an alternative to petrol and diesel cars. Adding the CNG kit to the petrol vehicle means that one can run it in two fuel modes. Apart from this, another feature of CNG is that it is less environmentally friendly as well as it costs less than petrol and diesel.

The company offers CNG kits in these cars

As of now, the company offers fitted CNG kits in Maruti Suzuki, Alto, Celerio, Wagon-R, S-Presso, Eeco, Ertiga, Tour S and Super Carry LCV cars. To install these kits, you will have to pay more on the cost of the car.

Shashank Srivastava, executive director, marketing sales, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, said CNG filling stations are being installed in more cities in the country and CNG vehicles are gaining in popularity as petrol and diesel prices rise to record levels. And this is the reason that Maruti is now on top of it. Due to low expenses, CNG is becoming one of the popular alternative fuels.

He further said that the government is working to increase CNG Outlets across the country and we are confident that the demand for people to buy factory-fitted CNG vehicles will increase even in this challenging time.

People are still hesitating to buy CNG cars

Many buyers still remain skeptical about certain things about buying a CNG kit vehicle. Most of it is about the performance and safety of the vehicle. However, due to the improvement in technology, now more performance can be expected from CNG cars. At the same time, Maruti claims that rigorous check and evaluation procedures ensure that things like corrosion and short circuits do not happen and at the same time the company assures the crashability of the kit.

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