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Oxygen problem will be overcome, IFFCO is starting third plant from May 30

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IFFCO is going to start its third oxygen plant in Phulpur, Uttar Pradesh. For this, there will be free supply of oxygen in nearby hospitals.

Oxygen plant

Due to the second wave of Corona virus, the entire system of the country has been shaken. Due to scarcity of oxygen in hospitals, people’s lives have been endangered. In such a situation, many companies including the government are also trying on their behalf. In this context, the famous fertilizer company IFFCO (IFFCO) has also come forward. The company is setting up four oxygen plants in the country. Work on the third plant will start from May 30.

With this, free oxygen will be supplied in hospitals. Which will help in saving the lives of people. This plant is being set up in Phulpur, Uttar Pradesh. Apart from this, plants are also being set up in other parts of the country. The company is spending around Rs 30 crore for the plant. With this initiative of the company, millions of people will get a new ray of hope.

Planted at these places also

IFFCO is also setting up one plant each in Phulpur in UP besides Amla in Bareilly, Paradip in Odisha and Kalol in Gujarat. The oxygen to be prepared here will be supplied to hospitals in the surrounding areas for free.

Capacity will be 130 cubic meters per hour

Regarding the plant to be commissioned at Phulpur in Uttar Pradesh, IFFCO MD and CEO US Awasthi tweeted that the capacity of this plant will be 130 cubic meters per hour. The cooperative has placed an order for setting up a third oxygen plant in Phulpur unit. Operations will be started on 30 May. Apart from this, work is also being done at the fourth oxygen plant in Paradip unit of Odisha.

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