Open a special account in this bank made from government to private for Rs 100, will get this facility of Rs 5 lakh

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The IDBI Systematic Savings Plan (SSP) helps you to add your savings to your entire facility. With your regular income, you can start any fixed amount from 100 rupees every month.

IDBI Bank Systematic Savings Plan

IDBI Bank (IDBI Bank) provides many facilities to customers from government to private. IDBI Bank is giving customers a chance to increase their hard-earned money through easy monthly installments. For this, the bank has introduced a special plan – SSP Plus (SSP +). In this special plan, customers get the benefit of regular savings and also get special facility of 5 lakh rupees. The bank has given this information by tweeting. Let’s know the advantages of this special account.

The IDBI Systematic Savings Plan (SSP) helps you to add your savings to your entire facility. With your regular income, you can start reducing any fixed amount from 100 to less than 2 crores every month. The amount you decide will be deducted from your savings account every month.

Highlights of IDBI Bank Systematic Savings Plan (SSP) –

>> Pre-plan savings for future goals
>> Regular Savings for a fixed period
>> Deposit facility from 1 year to 10 years
>> 100 rupees deposit can start.

You will get this facility-

SSP Plus provides regular savings with complimentary insurance cover and reward points along with principal + interest protection.

>> Complimentary personal accident insurance cover up to 5 lakh rupees
>> Minimum Eligible Installment Amount – Multiple of Rs 5000 and Rs 100
>> Minimum Eligible Tenure – 3 years and quarter ending, maximum – 10 years
>> Individual or HUF can open this account.

Applying for a Systematic Savings Plan is absolutely easy. You can apply online through Net Banking / Go Mobile + App. You can visit the nearest branch of the bank.

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Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni
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