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Online Fraud has become a victim, so call this number immediately, you will get help

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The government has issued a helpline number for redressal of Internet banking and other financial fraud complaints. You can enter a compass in it.

Online fraud

With the easing of things during the digitization period, the incidence of cyber crime has also increased. This is the reason why people are falling prey to online fraud. Vicious criminals are making a dent in the bank account of the people. If you too have been a victim of fraud regarding financial work, then there is no need to worry. For this, the helpline number 155260 has been issued by the Government of India.

In this, you can file a fraud complaint related to online finance, including Internet banking. Your help will be given as soon as you call this helpline number. If it has been more than 24 hours of fraud, then the victim should file a formal complaint on the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal.

How the system works

As soon as the helpline number is called, the information is sent to the respective financial institutions. This fraud transaction ticket will be seen on the dashboard of both the financial institution from which the money has been deducted (debited) and the financial institution where it has gone (credited). The bank / wallet in which the ticket is given has to check for the details of fraudulent transactions. After this, the transaction is blocked temporally.

Complaint can be lodged on this website

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and digital payment and online shopping are also many cases of fraud. In such a situation, you can also first file your complaint on the official website of the national cyber crime reporting portal cybercrime.gov.in. It is available in two languages ​​- , and English.

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