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Now there will be no effect of oil game on India, Modi government has prepared a plan of 50 thousand crores, a great opportunity to do business

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The Modi government has prepared a master plan of 50 thousand crores to save the country from the oil game.

Farmers’ income will also increase through ethanol.

India is the third largest oil importer in the world. We import 80 per cent of our oil requirement from abroad. In such a situation, when there is a discussion on the side of oil producing countries to reduce or increase production, then we get nervous. The government cannot do anything in these matters even if it wants. In such a situation, now the Modi government has prepared a master plan of 50 thousand crores to save the country from the oil game.

According to the Bloomberg report, Modi government is moving fast towards green petrol. The Modi government is very serious about the target of ethanol blended petrol-diesel. According to the report, a plan of $ 7 billion has been prepared to accelerate ethanol production to a record fast. On the occasion of World Environment Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the target of 20 percent ethanol mix petroleum will be met five years ago. Now the new target has been changed to 2025 instead of 2030.

Currently ethanol blending is 8.5%

At present, about 8.5 percent ethanol is mixed in petrol in the country. If this target is to be taken up to 20 percent, then about 10 billion liters of ethanol will be required in the country every year. This is about three times the current ethanol production. Oil Secretary Tarun Kapoor said this. In such a situation, new bio-refineries will be needed to accelerate ethanol production and Rs 50,000 crore will be needed to prepare this infra.

20% blending target

If the target of 20% ethanol blending is achieved, then we can easily save 4 billion dollars i.e. 30 thousand crore rupees every year. Apart from this, it also reduces pollution, due to which India can play an important role in climate change.

90% production from sugarcane

Talking about ethanol production in India, at present 90 percent of the production comes from the cultivation of sugarcane. The contribution of ethanol produced from non-sugar sources, ie cereals, in the production is only 10 percent. In such a situation, the challenge of the government is to promote non-sugar production. The government wants the contribution of both to be 50-50 percent in ethanol production. The future of the distillation unit’s business for ethanol production is going to be much better in the coming days. Apart from this, the economic condition of the sugarcane farmers will also improve. They will get double benefit of their farming.

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Bhagyashree Soni
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