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‘Nobody even came to raise the corpse …’ Retired judge’s wife dies after waiting for an ambulance for 3 days

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Corona has been unbridled across the country. Corona case records are being broken in every city. Similar is the situation in Lucknow, the capital of UP. Here, both ordinary people and retired judges are not getting beds or hospitals on time.

TheActually, the retired judge’s wife Corona gets infected in Lucknow, for 3 days Ambulance He died while waiting for and and now his corpse is lying in the house but no one came to take it. They have told their objections through a letter.

The letter of retired district judge Ramesh Chandra (67), resident of the humble block of Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, is getting viral on social media. In it, he has written that both he and his wife Madhu Chandra (64) were Corona positive, the wife died at 10 am on Thursday.

He wrote in this letter, ‘I kept calling yesterday (Wednesday) at 7 in the morning on the numbers provided by the administration continuously, but neither anyone came to deliver medicines at home nor the process of hospitalization was done.’

Describing the situation of the city, he further wrote, ‘Madhu Chandra died due to the negligence of the administration. The situation at the present time is that there is no deadbody to raise. Please be helped.

Health system in Lucknow has collapsed. There is a shortage of beds in the hospital, there is no ambulance on time, the investigation report is not available on time and people are dying continuously. Corona from CM to former CM are positive.

On Wednesday, infection was confirmed in 5,433 patients in the city and the number of active patients was 31,687. At the same time, a record 20,510 new cases were found in UP. While the number of active patients has crossed 1,11,835. In Lucknow, 14 succumbed to the infection, while 1118 patients beat Corona.

Curfew will be imposed in Delhi over the weekend

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