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Night Curfew e-Pass: Delhi government website hangs due to increased demand for e-pass, OTP did not come due to technical glitch

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Since the announcement of the night curfew, a large number of people have applied for e-pass on the official portal of the Delhi government. Due to overcrowding at the same time, technical disturbances started coming to the site, which caused problems to the people.

Night curfew

Due to the second wave of Corona, night curfew has been imposed in many other states of the country including Delhi. In such a situation, from 10 am to 5 am, an e-pass will be required to leave for important work. In view of this ban imposed till April 30, people reached the website of the Delhi government on Wednesday to get an e-pass. Website hanged due to excessive crowd at one time. Due to technical disturbances many people had difficulty in generating OTP.

According to the TOI report, more than 73,000 people applied for e-pass within 24 hours of the curfew announcement. Due to this, the website of Delhi government www.Delhi.Gov.In came to a standstill. Many people applying for e-pass had to face disappointment. Because OTP did not come to many people due to server down, due to which their e-pass could not be created.

How to check e-pass status

If you have applied for e-pass and want to check its status, then https://epassdocs.epass.jantasamvad.org/epass/status/ click on this link. After this, enter the e-pass ID of 7 characters. Now click on the check status button.

Who can apply

The e-pass is being issued to those who are engaged in providing essential services, but they do not have a government ID. Apart from this, if you have to come and go out of medical emergency or any other important work, then during this time, they will be allowed to come and go by showing e-pass.

How many applications are pending

According to a PTI report, 13,139 applications were received in New Delhi district, followed by 11,661 in South West, 9,947 in South, 7,673 in West, 6,560 in North West and 6,065 in East Delhi. Of these, 5,093 applications were pending in South Delhi. In Shahdara, 1,110 applications were received and 1,105 were pending. While 6,065 applications were received in East Delhi, out of which 42 are pending.

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