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Neither the place in the hospital, nor the wood in Cemetery … we reached the same place exactly one year after Corona’s knock

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Today is 14 April 2021. On this day, exactly one year ago, Prime Minister Modi announced to extend the nationwide lockdown till May. At that time, the number of corona infected in the country had crossed 10 thousand. And today, exactly one year later, this number is in millions.

Exactly one year ago, the sight we saw, has returned at double speed.

Corona cases in the states are breaking new records every day

Lines are being started again outside hospitals

The condition of Corona in the capital of the country alone is disturbed. More than 13 thousand cases were filed in Delhi on the previous day. Which is the highest number of cases in a big city in a day. There is a shortage of beds in Delhi, while the government has asked to increase the number of beds. Gujarat, Maharashtra, UP, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand are in the same situation.

The hospitals are so full that people are waiting for the ambulance to turn up

Shamsham Ghat is full of dead bodies

According to this report till date, 8 to 10 people are usually cremated in a day in Baikuntha Dham of Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh. But in this second wave of Corona, this ghat has also become smaller. It is worth noting that none of these dead bodies have died of corona. In such a situation, the question arises as to what is the reason for the arrival of so many bodies for the last rites at the cremation ground in Lucknow. All the platforms to keep the corpses here are already filled. Lashes are being burnt on the ground. Even for cremation of dead bodies have to wait for hours.

Migrant workers have started migrating

After Maharashtra, migrant workers have also started migrating from Gurugram in Haryana. There is a huge rush of laborers at the railway stations and bus stands in Mumbai. Everyone is afraid of lockdown like last time, so they want to reach their respective villages in time.

Shooting of films stopped, plea to postpone examinations

In view of the increasing case, many states including children have appealed to cancel the CBSE exams. Everyone argues that due to the increasing case, examination centers should not become COVID super spreaders. To discuss this, PM Modi will talk to the Education Minister and only then the decision will be taken.

In 2020, when Corona was wreaking havoc all over the world, everyone had hopes from 2021. Everyone thought that maybe with the new year we will get freedom from Corona, but with this second wave, the danger is increasing and increasing.

These pictures and figures are intimidating. But, in a way, we are also telling that we have to fight being careful with the corona. Social distancing has to be followed, wearing masks. Have to wash hands frequently. The last time we fought with this disease, we will win this time too.

Anything for campaigning in UP! Many candidates are pasting their posters and pamphlets on dogs

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