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NASA’s engineered Mars helicopter ready to create history after successful landing on Mars surface

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NASA’s Engineered Mars helicopter is set to create a new record after a successful landing on Mars. According to the information, if all goes well, then this rotorcraft of NASA will fly from JJero crater of Mars on April 11 at 12:30 pm (Tues local time) and will make history by walking 10 feet above the surface for 30 seconds. The Enguti Mars helicopter is the first rotorcraft to land on Mars.

NASA About Engineered Mars Giving information, he wrote on Twitter, “The Engineer Mars helicopter has cut its first cold night on Mars, which is a big success for NASA.” The night of Mars is very cold. The surface temperature here can fall to -130 ° F (-90 ° C).

According to the information, more than 85 million dollars have been spent to build the engine, which is likely to be fully recovered after its successful landing. The Engenuti helicopter will complete some flights after its successful landing. Then the focus will focus on the goal of the rover. It is being told that it will help in collecting important samples of Mars before returning.

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