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Mann Ki Baat: ‘What happens is light house tourism’, PM Modi said, how it will be helpful in increasing tourism

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “71 lighthouses have also been identified in India to promote tourism. All these light houses will have museums, theaters, cafeterias, children’s parks and eco-friendly cottages.” ”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (File Photo)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed the people of the country through his monthly radio program Mann Ki Baat. This year it was the third edition of Mann Ki Baat and was the 75th episode of the monthly radio program. During this time, the PM mentioned the sparrow, through which he has emphasized to try to save him and the environment. Along with this, he also emphasized on light house tourism and, like every time, gave some inspiring examples and also told about the future plans of the government.

PM Modi’s’ Maritime India Summit (Maritime India Summit), Referring to “You remember some time ago ‘Maritime India Summit’, do you remember what I said in this summit, do you remember it?” It is natural that there are so many programs, so many things are happening, where everything is remembered and where so much attention also goes, it is natural. But I liked that one of my requests has been taken forward by Guru Prasad with great interest. At this time, I talked about building light house complexes in the country and tourism cities around it. ”

“71 Lighthouses identified in India”

He said, “During Mann Ki Baat, I have spoken many times on different aspects of tourism, but this is Lighthouse Tourism (Light house tourism) Are unique. Lighthouses have always been a center of attraction for people due to their magnificent structures. To promote tourism, 71 lighthouses have also been identified in India. According to their capabilities in all these light houses, museums, amphi-theater, open air theater, cafeteria, children’s park, eco-friendly cottages and landscaping will be built. ”

PM mentioned the light house of Gujarat

Talking about a light house, he said, “I would also like to tell you about a unique light house. This light house is in a place named Jinjhwara in Surendranagar district of Gujarat. Do you know why this lighthouse is special? This is special because from where this lighthouse is, the beach is now more than 100 kilometers away. You will also find such stones in this village. Which suggests that there must have been a busy port here at some point. This means that the first coastline was till Jinjhwara. The rise of the incidents related to the sea, its backing or its going so far, is also a form of that. “

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