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Man refuses to give alimony to wife, Supreme Court jailed for three months

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The Supreme Court said that the husband had already been given a long time and he did not use that opportunity to pay the amount of alimony to his wife.

Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court has sentenced a person to three months imprisonment for contempt of court. In fact, the court ruled on not paying the arrears of Rs 1.75 lakh per month as well as the arrears of Rs 2.60 to his estranged wife. The SC said that the husband had already been given a long time and that he did not make good use of that opportunity to pay the amount of alimony to his wife. A bench of Chief Justice SA Bobde, Justice AS Bopanna and Justice V Ramasubramanian said in a recent order, “We have already given (the defendants) a lengthy deferment.” The defendant (husband) did not make good use of the opportunity given. Therefore, we punish the defendant for contempt of this court and sentence him to three months imprisonment. ”

The bench said that the man did not comply with the order of the bench of 19 February, when he was given the last opportunity to pay the entire arrears of alimony as well as the monthly alimony allowance fixed earlier by the apex court. . The court said on February 19 that a person cannot turn away from the responsibility of giving alimony to his estranged wife. The bench had said this while giving one person the last chance to pay the entire outstanding amount of Rs 2.60 crore to his wife. Also, an order of Rs 1.75 lakh was given as monthly alimony allowance. The bench made this remark while hearing a review petition of a Tamil Nadu resident. This person works on a project of national security in a telecommunications company. He had argued that he did not have any money and asked for an extension of two years to pay the amount.

On this, the apex court had said that it had lost its credibility by repeatedly failing to comply with the court order. The court had expressed surprise that how such a person is connected with the project of national security. The bench said in its order, “We are giving the last chance to pay the monthly pending allowance regularly along with the entire pending amount.” It should be given within four weeks from today, failing which the defendant can be punished and sent to jail. ”

The court set the next hearing of the case for four weeks later. The court had said, “On non-payment of the amount, the arrest order can be issued on the next date and the defendant can be sent to jail.” The court had mentioned that the lower court had given the person since 2009. The pending arrears of maintenance allowance was said to be about Rs 2.60 crore and monthly maintenance allowance of Rs 1.75 lakh. He has given only Rs 50,000 in the pending amount.

The husband told the court that he has invested all his money in the research and development of a project related to national security in the telecom sector. The bench had asked the person to borrow money or take a loan from the bank and pay his wife the pending amount and the monthly amount of alimony within a week or else he would be sent directly to jail. However, at the request of the person’s lawyer, the bench granted him four weeks’ deferment. The wife had filed a domestic violence case against her husband in a Chennai magistrate court in 2009.

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