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Kerala Assembly Elections: Rahul Gandhi said looking at temple and mosque together – this is the idea of ​​India

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi reached Kerala to promote the Kerala Assembly Elections. During this, he targeted PM Modi.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi (File Photo)

Congress-led Rahut Gandhi arrived in Irumeli on Saturday. In Irumeli, he also visited the temple of Lord Ayyappan and the Bawar Masjid just in front of him. This place has special recognition throughout Kerala and this place is considered an example of Hindu-Muslim unity. From Kony, Rahul Gandhi started his roadshow and after traveling 70 km reached Irumeli near Sabarimala.

Here he addressed the people standing at the crossroads between this temple and the mosque and said that he has never visited this place before but he loves this place because this place, this road, this two religious place… all this Idea of ​​India accurately reflects.

Prime Minister and RSS are spreading hatred in the country

Rahul Gandhi said that all the time the doors of both religious places are open, someone can go to the temple, someone can enter the mosque and this is the idea of ​​India which is now being attacked. Taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said that the Prime Minister and the RSS (RSS) are working to spread hatred across the country.

People believe in love and respect

Before going to the temple and the Babri Masjid, Rahul Gandhi also said that “most people in India believe in love and respect.” People in India believe in the fact that the universe is very complex and we do not have answers to all the things, that is why you can see here a temple and a mosque together because people understand that there is greater power than in this universe. is.

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