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Kerala Assembly Election 2021: LDF and UDF both playing friendly matches in Kerala- Rajnath Singh

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Kerala Assembly Election: While visiting Kerala, Rajnath Singh said that the people of the state feel that a new political party is needed here.

Rajnath Singh on Kerala tour

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday targeted the ruling CPI (M) -led LDF and the opposition Congress-led UDF, saying they were playing a “friendship match” in Kerala. Rajnath Singh, who is campaigning for the assembly elections in Kerala on April 6, said that the Congress and the Left are fighting with each other against each other in Kerala, 2,000 km from West Bengal, but they are allies among themselves.

Rajnath said, “The time of LDF-UDF is over. Both political alliances do not understand the new aspirations of the people of Kerala. People want change. “He said that these two fronts are making” false promises “to the people. The BJP leader said, “The LDF should report on the work done to fulfill its promises rather than giving false hopes to the people.” Singh said that the policies of appeasement on both fronts moved Kerala away from the path of development .

Will implement the policies of the center

In Thiruvananthapuram, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that we will effectively implement the policies of the Center in Kerala. Every year, people living below the poverty line will be given 6 gas cylinders. BJP will end violence and corruption in Kerala. BJP does not do politics in the name of caste, religion. He said that both LDF and UDF are playing friendly matches in Kerala. Whether the victory is of LDF or UDF, in the end, the people of Kerala are losing.

State needs new options

Rajnath Singh also said that the public is feeling that the state needs a new political party. If anyone can offer a new political option here, then it is BJP. He said that I want to ask the LDF and the UDF why in Kerala, despite having a 100% literacy rate, why is it lagging behind other states? I believe that even after 7 decades of independence, this state has not come out of the clutches of LDF and UDF.

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