Karnataka: 16 employees found infected with corona virus in a pub in Bengaluru, administration alert

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On Sunday, 3,082 new corona were found infected in Karnataka (Karnataka), taking the number of victims in the state to 9,87,012. Also, the number of active cases has increased to 23,037.

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Corona has been found infected by 16 employees of a pub near New BEL Road in Bengaluru, capital of Karnataka. This information has been given by the Bengaluru Municipal Corporation. In Karnataka, 3,082 new corona were found on Sunday, taking the number of victims in the state to 9,87,012. Also, the number of infected cases has increased to 23,037. In the last 24 hours 14 infected people have died due to which the number of dead has increased to 12,504. Apart from this, 9,51,452 people have been cured in the state so far.

In Bangalore from the beginning of this month to March 26, more than 470 children under 10 years of age have been infected with the corona virus. The city is witnessing a sharp increase in cases of infection. According to official figures, a total of 244 boys and 228 girls were infected from March 1 to 26. Earlier this month, eight to nine children were getting infected every day, but their number gradually increased and on March 26 it reached 46.

According to experts, there is a greater risk of children getting infected than before because after the opening of school for programs, assemblies and some classrooms, more children are coming out of the house, whereas this was not done during lockdown Dr. Giridhar R. Babu, an epidemiologist and professor at the Public Health Foundation of India, said, “They are facing greater danger due to the opening of schools, participation in programs and gatherings.” Earlier they were safe, but due to their involvement in many activities, the danger has increased now. ”

He said that in many cases the infection is spreading from children to members of the household. Officials said that children are facing more danger because it is difficult for them to follow social distance and wear masks for a long time.

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Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni
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