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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

JSPL shows strength in Corona crisis, record steel production and sales

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Total sales of the company stood at 7.86 lakh tonnes in March 2021. On an annual basis, it registered a growth of 61 per cent.

In March 2021, there was a 21 per cent increase in production on an annual basis.

In spite of the Corona crisis, the financial year 2020-21 was excellent in terms of sales and production of Jindal Steel & Power Limited (JSPL). In March 2021, the company recorded record sales. Total sales of the company stood at 7.86 lakh tonnes in March 2021. It grew 61 per cent on an annual basis and was up 44 per cent over February 2021. After relieving the lockdown, industrial activity accelerated. Domestic demand and exports increased due to a spurt in sales of the company. Domestic demand and exports account for about 38 per cent of the company’s sales.

Talking about production, in March 2021 it recorded a 21 percent increase on an annual basis and the total production was 7.30 lakh tonnes. The company’s production stood at 2.07 million tonnes in the March quarter. This is the highest in a quarter in the company’s history. On behalf of the company, it was said that the company has come out from the time of crisis and good results are being seen on every fronts. Production and sales of the company has been the highest in any financial year in the financial year 2020-21.

Annual growth

The total production stood at 7.51 metric tonnes, registering an increase of 19 per cent on an annual basis. The total sales figure was 7.28 MT. On an annual basis, it registered a growth of 20 percent. Exports accounted for 35 per cent of the total sales in the entire financial year, which was just 13 per cent in the last financial year.

Committed to Self-reliant India

In the press note issued by the company, it was said that due to the contribution of the company’s employees in this epidemic, it has become possible. We explored possibilities for ourselves in adverse conditions. The company is committed to self-reliant India. The Managing Director of JSPL continues to stick to its target of 15:15:50. This is the target of 15 thousand crore EBITDA, 15 thousand crore total debt and gross turnover of 50 thousand crore.

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