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Jeff Bezos regained his chair in just a few hours, became the world’s richest man

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The owner of Amazon has again become the richest person in the world. Their net worth has increased due to the increase in shares of the company. Before this, he was overtaken by Bernard Arnault, owner of LVMH.

Jeff Bezos and Bernard Arnault

Jeff Bezos, CEO of the famous e-commerce company Amazon, was defeated by Bernard Arnault, the owner of LVMH and snatched the chair of the most wealthy. But Jeff did not have to wait long to regain his status. He achieved that position again in a few hours and became the richest man in the world. Currently, his net worth is $ 188.4 billion, while Arnault’s net worth is $ 187.3 billion.

Bezos’ net worth has increased due to the rise in shares of the Amazon company. Earlier, by the end of last week, his net worth was around $ 186 billion. At the same time, the property of Arnault was also almost equal to this. But Arnold’s net worth rose due to the tremendous growth in the shares of fashion luxury goods company LVMH. The shares of the company performed better on Monday and closed with a gain of 1 per cent. This increased Arnault’s net worth by $ 1.7 billion. According to Forbes, due to the increase in networth, Arnault had become the world’s largest rich, beating Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.

Palta dice again

Arnault had received the title of world’s richest man, that his happiness vanished in a few hours. Actually, time again, the shares of Dice Palta and Amjon rose by more than one per cent. This increased Bezos’ net worth by $ 2.4 billion. As soon as this happened, after a few hours, he again became the most wealthy person in the world. According to Forbes, the net worth of Bezos, Musk and Arnault increased by more than $ 300 billion.

Elon Musk in third place

Electric car company Tesla and Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk are currently third on the rich list. His net worth is $ 150.8 billion. This year Musk became number one after beating Bezos three times in January, but the founder of Amgen again achieved the title of Number One Rais on 15 January.

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