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It will now be cheaper to fill the tank of the vehicle, you have a chance to win up to 2 lakhs

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Indian Oil campaign: Under the ‘Get Diesel Bharno Reward’ campaign, you will get a reward of Rs. 2-2 lakhs.

75 winners will get 75-75 thousand rupees as reward.

You can win up to 2 lakhs by filling diesel in your car. Indian Oil is running a ‘Diesel Bharo Inam Pao’ campaign. You have a chance till 31 July 2021 to win up to 2 lakhs. For this, one has to fill 25 liters of diesel in his car. If you fill 25 liters of diesel in a single bill, you can get this reward.

Under the ‘Diesel Bharno Inam Pao’ campaign, 4 people have a chance to win Rs 2-2 lakh, 16 winners for 75-75 thousand rupees, 70 people for 25-25 thousand rupees and 500 people 1000-1000 rupees. This offer is only for Indian citizens whose age is more than 18 years. To join this campaign, more than 25 liters but less than 2500 liters of diesel will have to be put through a retail petrol pump.

Message to number 7799033333

After filling diesel, keep the bill with you and message it on number one. Under this, first have to type the dealer code, after entering the space, type the bill number, then enter the space and how much diesel is filled, then send it to the number 7799033333. Keep in mind that you have to keep this bill with you. If there is any question, the helpline number 022-49192596 can be called.

How to send message

For example, if the dealer code is 123456 and bill number AB7890 and the customer has taken 101 liter diesel, then he has to type 123456 AB7890 101 from his mobile number and message on 7799033333. It is necessary to insert a single space between different information. If there is a lapse anywhere, then the customer will get an answer to the wrong message. Despite this, if there is any problem, then information can be sought by calling 02249192596.

Tax can be cut by 30 percent on winning the prize

A user can share two messages in a day on the basis of two different bills. If you win the prize, according to the income tax rules, if you have a prize of more than 10 thousand, TDS of 30 percent will be deducted. Apart from this, the original bill will have to be retained.

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