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Indian Railways removes coaches from two Rajdhani Express trains, know everything about it before traveling

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Several decisions have been taken by the Northern Railway (NR) zone of the Indian Railways and the Southern Railway zone, which have been taken in view of the environment of this time.

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The Northern Railway (NR) zone of the Indian Railways has informed that it is removing temporary coaches from two Rajdhani Express trains. Northern Railway said that due to less congestion in these Rajdhani Express trains, it has been decided to remove coaches.

It states that from April 14, 2021, train number 02434/02433, Nizamuddin-Dr MGR Chennai Central-Nizamuddin Rajdhani Special will remove a two-tier coach and from April 16, 2021, Dr MGR Chennai Central removes a coach will be given. Apart from this, train number- 02432/02431 Nizamuddin – Thiruvananthapuram Central – Nizamuddin Rajdhani Special will be removed from April 11, 2021 and from X Thiruvananthapuram Central with effect from April 13, 2021 with a two-tier coach x Nizamuddin.

Number of coaches increased in this train

Apart from this, Northern Railway has decided to increase additional coaches in Nizamuddin Duronto Superfast Weekly Special in Ernakulam. It added that train number 02284/02283 Nizamuddin – Ernakulam – Nizamuddin Duranto Superfast Weekly Special will add an AC 3 Tier coach and two-sleeper class coach with X Nizamuddin effective from April 17, 2021 to October 16. Will go and will be effective in X Ernakulam from April 20, 2021 to October 19, 2021. “

Southern Railway Zone issued Covid guidelines

Meanwhile, the Southern Railway Zone has released some guidelines related to Covid-19 for people traveling by train. Which are as follows…
1- First of all, social distancing, wearing masks and taking care of hygiene is to be done at the train and railway station.
2- Avoid unnecessary travel and traveling in groups
3- Follow social distancing on counters and platforms.

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