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Income tax returns are not filled if you have 10 days, you will not be able to login on Income Tax portal from June 1

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The Income Tax Department is going to make changes in its official website soon. Due to which the process of login on the old website will be stopped.

income tax return

Those who have not yet filed their income tax returns, should complete this work as soon as possible. Because the Income Tax Department (IT Department) is going to change its official website. Due to which we will not be able to login on the existing website incometaxindiaefilling.gov.in from 1 June 2021. Notifications have also been issued by the department in this regard.

According to the department, now you have to visit the new website INCOMETAX.GOV.IN for filing income tax returns and other work. From June 7, all work will be conducted on this website. Login to the old website will be closed from June 1. So if taxpayers who have to file returns can already do this work.

How to file ITR

Those who have not yet filed their income tax return can file it online from home. For this, you have to use the online filing format of ITR i.e. e-filing. For this, you will have to get your registration done on the website. During this time some important documents including PAN card will be required. To file ITR sitting at home, one has to login on the Income Tax Department portal.

Choose the option to fill the form here, here you will also have to select the assessment year. From here, choose ITR Form No. 1 and the process of filing. If you are filing ITR for the first time, then choose the option of Original. If you are filing it again due to a mistake in the previous ITR, then select the option of Revised Return. Now after filling all the information, submit it under submission mode ‘Prepare and submit online’. Then select an already valid bank account. This is the bank account in which you will get an IT refund if you are eligible.

Option to fill the revised return

If you have filled the returns for the last financial year, but you have made a mistake, then you can file a revised return to rectify your mistake. In this, apart from the other details, you will have to give the details of the previous ITR, which you have missed in filling. This will enable the Income Tax Department to know why you have filed the revised return. You can complete all these processes online.

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