Income Tax Department will launch new website today, taxpayers will get these facilities, know what will be the special features

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The Income Tax Department is going to launch a new e-filing portal today. Many modern features have been added to it, so that the process of filing ITR can be faster.

New website of income tax (symbolic image)

The Income Tax Department is going to launch its new e-filing portal on Monday i.e. today for the convenience of the taxpayers. In such a situation, all other important work including filing of ITR will be conducted on the new portal of the department There will be many features in it, so that the work can be done faster. The objective of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) is to provide a modern and seamless service to the taxpayers through the new e-filing portal.

CBDT says that other important things related to Income Tax Department have been included in this portal, which will help in issuing refunds quickly. Taxpayers will get the benefit of this. The mobile app will also be released after the initial launch of the portal.

Will get these facilities

1.All interactions and uploads or pending actions will be displayed on a single dashboard. With which taxpayers will be able to track everything.

2. ITR preparation software with interactive questions for filing ITR 1, 4 (online and offline) and ITR 2 (offline) will be available on the portal to ensure that taxpayers do not face any difficulty in filing ITR. At the same time, the facility of preparing ITR 3, 5, 6, 7 will be made available soon.

3. Taxpayers can proactively update their profile to provide details of income including salary, house property, business or profession. It will be used for filing ITR. Detailed capability of pre-filling with salary income, interest, dividend and capital gains will be available after the TDS and SFT details are uploaded.

4. A new call center will also be started for quick response to the queries of the taxpayers. Facilities like frequently asked questions, user manuals, videos will be available on the portal from the taxpayers side. The taxpayers will also get the facility to use it or talk to the chatbot and live agent in case of any other problem.

5. Through the new portal, taxpayers can take advantage of filling income tax forms, engaging tax professionals, faceless scrutiny or submitting replies to notices in appeal, etc.

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Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni
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