In view of the increasing cases of Corona, many states issued guidelines, ban Holi in many places

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The pace of Corona is seen increasing again in the country. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan are some of the states in the country where the situation is most worrisome. More than 4.5 lakh cases have been reported across the country between 7 and 22 March. In the coming days, all the states were alerted to ensure that there is no increase in the corona cases. As a result, some states have imposed lockdown in some of their parts. At the same time, some states have prohibited celebrating festivals like Holi, Navratri and Shab-e-Baaraat in public.

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Prevention of congestion in Delhi, Chandigarh and Madhya Pradesh

holi-The Kejriwal government of Delhi issued new guidelines to prevent the infection of Corona, saying that it would be prohibited to observe Holi in public places. Along with this, instructions have been given to strictly follow the rules of screening, testing and surveillance of COVID-19. Along with Delhi, Mumbai will also not be allowed to celebrate Holi in public. In this sequence, Madhya Pradesh issued guidelines regarding Holi and said that Holi cannot be played in the crowd. Madhya Pradesh has also announced a lockdown every Sunday. Similarly, in Chandigarh, any public event is forbidden on Holi.

Important to follow the rules of COVID-19 in Gujarat-UP


It is permissible to celebrate Holi in Gujarat and UP. But for this, people have to follow certain rules. Holika Dahan is allowed with limited people in Gujarat. But it is forbidden to play color. At the same time, procession on Holi is not allowed in Uttar Pradesh. Permission of the administration is necessary for any kind of public event. Apart from this, the use of masks and sanitizers will be mandatory.

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