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In this scheme of LIC, fill up the premium once and get a pension of up to 4 thousand, know how you can avail benefits

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Many options are available in LIC’s Jeevan Akshay Policy. If you choose the annuity payable for life option, then you can take the benefit of pension facility immediately after taking the policy. The minimum investment in this is 1 lakh rupees.

LIC Pension Scheme

If you have not yet created an emergency fund or have not been planning for your retirement, then there is no need to worry anymore. We are going to tell you about a policy of LIC that will free you from all these worries. The name of this policy is Jeevan Akshay Policy. In this, you can get a pension of up to 4 thousand rupees every month just by filling the premium once. You will get these rupees throughout your life. So how to invest in this scheme and what are the benefits of it, know the complete details.

What is Jeevan Akshay Policy

LIC’s Jeevan Akshay Policy is a single premium non-linked non-participating and personal annuity plan. It has to invest at least 1 lakh rupees, while there is no maximum limit. The policy can be taken both online or offline. Although there are many options available in Jeevan Akshay Policy, but for investors who want to get pension immediately, ‘Annuity Payable for Life at a Uniform Rate’ (‘A’ immediately after taking a lifetime pension policy) is the best option. is.

Who can take policy

LIC’s Jeevan Akshay policy can be taken by people between 30 and 85 years of age. For this you have to be Indian.

Pension will be given till the policy holder is alive

In this policy, as long as the policy holder remains alive, he gets a pension continuously. You can also take a loan in this policy. About 3 months after the date on which you have taken this policy, you can apply for a loan.

How to get 4 thousand rupees

The specialty of this policy is that you can take the benefit of pension facility throughout your life just by paying the premium once. If you invest 1 lakh rupees, then every month you will get a pension of one thousand rupees. If you want to get 4 thousand rupees every month, then you have to pay a premium of 814400 rupees.

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