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In Murra Buffalo’s dairy farm, it is not just milk that makes a tremendous income! This is a great business idea

Often, people buy buffalo worth about one lakh rupees and then start selling its milk. It is believed that they sell milk of up to one and a half lakh rupees in a season of buffalo of about one lakh rupees.

Many cattle rearers can earn from their buffalo along with milk in many other ways.

Dairy farm business is considered to be a well-earned business. There are many stories in which it is known that people have done business of dairy form and earn good money in a short time. By the way, if you want to earn a good income in this business, then you can use other methods, by which you will be able to earn money in many ways besides selling milk. Many people are making money in dairy business in many other ways along with milk.

In such a situation, today we tell you how you can start a dairy farm business. Apart from this, in which ways can you earn good in addition to milk in dairy form. Know what is the business plan to earn more than this milk…

What do people often do?

Often people buy buffalo worth about one lakh rupees and then start selling its milk. It is believed that they sell milk of up to one and a half lakh rupees in a season of buffalo of about one lakh rupees. In this, about 80 thousand rupees are spent on buffalo food and on labor also costs 10 thousand rupees. After this, buffalo are sold for about 40 thousand rupees. They benefit from this, but if you work a little differently then you will be able to earn good money in the same resource.

What are the different ways to earn?

Many cattle rearers earn one from their buffalo through milk, as other farmers are doing. In this, many people are making money by selling more dairy products than milk, that is, they sell less milk and sell more cheese, yogurt, because there is more profit in it. Apart from this, many cattlemen are preparing their own brides along with selling milk, that is, they feed the buffalo’s baby with milk and raise it.

In such a situation, they prepare another buffalo in a few years, this gives them a buffalo of 1 lakh rupees in a few years, which is completely straightforward earnings. In this, many people sell it or make more money from its milk. In such a situation, farmers are paying more attention to preparing their own bridal and those who are working on buffaloes of Murra breed are benefiting a lot. Therefore, if you also want business, then you can do good business by preparing buffalo bridges and selling them.

Buy and sell animals

In addition, cattle rearers are also doing the work of buying and selling animals. Many cattlemen buy buffalo or cows etc. from the villages and then sell them elsewhere for more money. However, for this, information about your animals should be good, only after which you can do this business.

Government gives money for dairy business

The special thing in this business is that you get the loan easily and also get cheaper. Apart from this, the government also gives many types of subsidies for this business, it gives you a lot of profit. Please tell that there are different types of species in Murrah buffalo. If you talk about the price, then it costs more than 1 lakh. Many buffaloes come to 3-4 lakhs in these, then the cost of many buffaloes is estimated to be up to 50 lakhs.

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